Renting Holiday Cottages In Alnwick, Northumberland

Located on the north-east border of England, Northumberland offers both charm and variety which have made it one of the favourite holiday destinations amongst tourists visiting England. By visiting this beautiful place, you would be able to enjoy a relaxing holiday with your loved ones amidst beautiful countryside away from the daily hustles of urban life. It boasts of a range of spectacular rolling hills and breath-taking valleys, huge sandy beaches, magnificent historic castles, and remarkable cuisine.

Alnwick is one of the popular historic towns of Northumberland known for its picturesque surroundings and glorious historical landmarks. Alnwick Castle is one of the greatest buildings worth exploring. Home to the Percy family and the Dukes of Northumberland for several hundred years, the Castle is steeped in a rich history. Add to this the fact the Castle was once the fighting ground for bitter wars raged between England & Scotland, a guided tour or simply wandering the grounds is profoundly humbling. Built next to the Castle, the recent addition of Alnwick Gardens makes a trip to the town extremely worthwhile. If you are planning to visit this beautiful town with a large group of friends or family, it is worthwhilerentingone of Tidal Homes Alnwick holiday cottages. A large holiday cottage is one of the ideal ways of spending relaxed, memorable, and hassle-free holidays in the green and spectacular landscapes of Northumberland.

You would be amazed at the level of quality of modern comforts that are provided in the Alnwick cottages. From well-equipped kitchens and washrooms, comfortable bedrooms, spacious living rooms, to the latest amenities, you would find virtually all the conveniences you could desire in our luxury holiday cottages. Most of our holiday cottages in Northumberland have incorporated a distinctive style by every cottage its own personality, thus making the exploration of the countryside a delight!

Staying in Alnwick cottages would be the perfect choice if you want to accommodate a large gathering without compromising on the quality, and at the same time save money. These cottages are located amidst outstanding scenic vistas to soothe your nerves and give you an ultimate relaxing ambience. You and your family could bask under the sun in a home-like environment without worrying. These cottages are highly economical as well. Unlike hotels or lodges, Alnwick cottages could accommodate an entire, big family under one roof.

Tidal Homes is one of the well-known names offering quality holiday cottages in Northumberland. We provide luxury Alnwick cottages to meet the taste and requirements of all types of visitor. For more information about the availability and price range, please feel free to browse our website