Relationship Selling Includes Effective Networking


Business networking is becoming more critical as more and more business is conducted through independent contractors, single office/home office entrepreneurs, independent sales professionals to small business owners. How effective these folks are at building their network will ultimately determine their sales success.

Lillian D. Bjorseth has updated her original 1996 book, Breakthrough Networking with the trend towards social networking. Yet, networking is still as Bjorseth states about a process linking people into mutually beneficial relationships.

In this book, she takes the time to separate the What, the How, the Where, the When and the Why aspects of networking. Each is important to the overall going of mutually beneficial relationships.

Bjorseth simply shows the power of numbers and how those numbers can translate into business. However, she goes far beyond the basics and helps the reader to understand that effective business networking is an art beyond the skill set.

From understanding the impact of colors that you are wearing to your body language and the body language of others, a far bigger picture of networking is created beyond the simple hello and handshake. She also talks about handshakes.

Have you considered what you car and office say about you as part of your overall networking strategies? Throughout the book, there are numerous tips as well as simple tools to help you build relationships that last and stand the test of time.

For example, Bjorseth examines the difference in genders when networking. Men and women listen differently. She encourages men to be more open about other subjects while advising women to be more direct.

Everyone is engaged in networking. Even though Bjorseth focuses much on business to business relationships, this book can help anyone from students seeking that perfect college to employees finding that next best employee.

This is a must have sales book for any sales professional and well worth the investment.