Rejuvenate Your Body In Southern Spain

.tags Take a rejuvenating weekend trip to the Coast of the Sun Spain. The history of the region takes visitors back 3,000 years when the Phoenicians, a powerful trading nation founded the coastal region. Spain succumbed first to the Romans and then the Muslims giving Spain its rich culture, art, and architectural past.

The warm climate defines the region. During the harsh winter months temperatures hover between 12 to 16 degrees Celsius. During the long hot summer the area gets cooling ocean breezes from the Mediterranean Sea that keep it between 22 to 25 degrees. To reach the southern coast of Spain it takes 2 hours and 30 minutes by air from London.

The Coast of the Sun, Costa Del Sol, lies like a sparkling gem along the southern coast of Andalucia, Spain along the Mediterranean Sea. Malaga sits on the beach and is currently the 5th largest city in Spain and the largest city along southern Spain. Its warm sandy beaches of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea attract people from all over Europe to its warm and enticing climate.

Traditional Mediterranean Spanish cuisine centers on the sea. Dishes taste so good due to the exceptional freshness of the seafood. Visitors relish and dine on fresh lobster, shrimp, fish and squid prepared in traditional Spanish ways. Malaga is infamous for its freshly fried deep battered fish known as Pescaito frito. The aroma of this dish floats through the streets at meal time.

At night the Coast of the Sun comes alive after natives and visitor alike finish their evening meals. The setting sun transforms the coast into the perfect place to unwind. Night clubs and bars seethe in activity with traditional Flamenco sounds, rock and disco music that plays on till the wee morning hours. Traditional Malaga night spots include the Plaza de Merced, the Plaza de la Constitucion, Calle Grandada, Calle Alcazabilla, Calle La Malagueta, and a Calle larios. In these districts both the young and the old can find something to entertain themselves.

Southern Spain attracts others besides those that seek rest and relaxation under the sun. This area has numerous recreational activities such as golf, watersports, tennis, and horseback riding. The Coast of the sun also has a variety of different shops to shop from. It has old time traditional shops as well as the newest of shopping experiences around Plaza de Larios. Car hire makes shopping and exploring that much easier. During the peak summer month’s car hire rates rise in southern Spain so book your cars early.

Bullfigting remains a popular spectacle along the Coast of the Sun. The main ring, Plaza de la Malagueta, was built in 1876 and seats15,000 spectators. Not everyone can stomach a bullfight, so visitors not wishing to view the fights directly can part take instead in the rich cultural aspects of the ring by visiting the Bullfighting museum . Bullfighting season begins in the spring and lasts until the fall.