Reiki Master & Spiritual Holistic Health Programs


Reiki is a big thing in our new modern society, but this has been around since 1920. Back then it was not common to perform distant attunements or healings, so you had to rely on who you knew and what was close to where you lived. Unfortunately this made Reiki not a common thing, but more of a specialty in healing. Reiki should be available to anyone and everyone who wants to use this, and not be determined by your income or location.

A lot of alternative, metaphysical, spiritual, or holistic programs include Reiki as part of their instruction. This is a big thing in this line of work because dealing with alternative, metaphysical, spiritual, and holistic healings the majority of then will come back to learning how to use energy.

Take for example, an animal communication program. If you want to learn how to communicate with animals, it is beneficial to know how to work with energy as well. Reason for this is because everything is tied back to its beginning and as you may already know everything in this world is made of energy. So if you want to learn how to relate and understand animals, you must know how you are going to connect with them. Working with meditation, relaxation and communication deals with energy as well. Being a Reiki Master is only a benefit to those who are studying in an alternative, metaphysical, spiritual or holistic program.

Another example would be taking a crystal-healing program. To charge a crystal, you can use your Reiki energy, as well as cleansing, programming and enhancing the crystals own vibrational energies. So why not be attuned to a Reiki Master as well, it only helps develop and enhance your own spiritual pathway in life.

Now just because you are attuned to a Reiki Master does not mean you have to go and try to heal everything you come in contact with. Some of us are here to help and serve with this type of work and some of us are here to enhance our own spiritual pathway and connect with the vibrational level of others. We are not all on the same pathway in life, so remember when making your decisions, it is about you, your learning and spiritual growth!

Stay focused, grounded, protected and learn as much as you possibly can to heal yourself and develop your own spiritual pathway in life, being interconnected with the Universe and others!