Redundant Telemarketing Agents


There are those tough times in the life of a BPO manager when you have to let go of some of the best members of your team. Downsizing can happen because of a number of reasons, as we know by now. It could be that the call center has run out of budget. It could be that telemarketing projects have dried up, or it could also be that the process is being shut down to make way for automated call center services. Whatever be the reason, the manager is faced with the thankless task of passing the pink slip to someone who has made some significant contributions to the company in the past. There is clearly no easy way of doing it without letting emotions fly all over the place. But there are some steps that you can take to do the needful and also make the person feel that your call center appreciates his work.

To begin with, when you are making a telemarketing agent redundant, speak to the person clearly and explain why the decision was taken. People generally see through when you fake and cook up some excuse. That is not what a call center agent deserves after all the hard work that he has put in. It’s a wise idea to check what you want to say and tune it well. The way you communicate the message will be noted by both the redundant BPO employee as well as those who are on the payrolls of your company now. A shoddy treatment of a colleague will be de-motivating for the others, especially when the agent has done some good work. The damage done here can be very difficult to rectify. You have to ensure that the agents do not take this as a bad example.

When you are making some agent redundant, the call center has a responsibility toward that person. Never burn bridges with a skilled telemarketing agent. You never know if you need that person in the future. Make it known that you are letting him go only because of unavoidable circumstances and you’d love to work with him again, if the opportunity came by. Offer a recommendation from your telemarketing services unit that will help him in his professional career. These are little gestures that may not compensate the loss of the job, but will definitely create a positive brand image for your call center services in the market. When you are hiring next, you will have people responding enthusiastically because they know of your excellent policies.

A simple mistake that call centers often make is to break the fall light. The more you beat around the bush, the more suspecting the redundant BPO employee is going to feel. If you have to make it known, express it clearly and privately. Speak in transparent lines and outline why you have to take this decision. When you try to break the fall, you create doubt and mistrust. Part on amicable terms and you will feel enthused about keeping in touch in the future.