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{flickr|100|campaign} Home with the old Electrical , A call home to some active recovery, is not very convenient? China is expected to be implemented early next year first, “Waste

Home Appliances And Electronic Product Recycling Management Ordinance “provides appliance dealer may not refuse from the

Consumption Persons to recover waste household appliances. It is understood Anshan
States United States , Suning has been carrying out this business.
It is understood that the consumer market now Anshan appliance replacement is at a peak, most people waste discarded home appliances, mainly through the many streets and alleys of the “guerrillas” were recovered. These “guerrillas” to recover to a simple electrical processing, but also the use of hands, or the surrounding countryside to sell second-hand market, can not be used to sell some individual appliance maintenance department, a simple renovation, repair and then sold.

Some household appliances industry Anshan, said yesterday that this recovery method used household appliances, are also common in other cities, it is not conducive to environmental protection, but also may lead to

Security Accident. However, the drafting by the National Development and Reform Commission, will be enforced early next year, China’s first “waste electrical and electronic product recycling regulations” (the “Ordinance”) about an end to this disorder.

“Ordinance” provides appliance dealers and after-sales
Service Agencies for refusing to recall the consumer waste from household appliances, or not to household appliances to the professional waste recycling and disposal organization, and a maximum penalty of 10 million fine.

In fact, the two major home appliances Anshan Shopping?? Gome and Suning have been carrying out a “second-hand home appliance recycling” or “TM” business. Anshan States United States with a second-hand appliance recycling company

Cooperation , On the phone people can take the initiative to recycle the used home appliances, and to ensure recovery of the price of not less than “guerrillas.” According to the company, a responsible person to carry out the business from the past four months, there have already collected nearly 500 appliances, but as Anshan market “guerrillas,” a large number, so the launch and promotion of business speed is relatively slow.

Anshan Suning’s conduct of the business in two weeks ago, has recovered to only 15 sets of used household appliances. According to Mr. Wang, head of shopping service introduced, although their average price per collection than the “guerrilla” and 30 yuan, but the market awareness is not high, many people still used by “guerrilla” to handle its own waste household appliances.

For this situation, two shopping centers relevant responsible person said, Anshan consumer appliance dealers on the way to recycling used household appliances, but also a long process of acceptance. However, the two are willing to further promote the business, after all, from the relatively formal enterprises to recycle the used home appliances, is not only beneficial to the environment, consumers will also benefit.

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