Recycle Old Televisions Safely

.tags The WEEE Directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive), implemented in the UK during 2007, requires environmentally safe disposal of a number of appliances and consumer or business electronics, including the requirement to recycle old televisions.

Because of the growing demand for consumer electronics that contain toxic substances and poisons, the landfills have specific guidelines for recycling to keep these chemicals from leaching into groundwater tables. What this means for business owners is that all computer and IT equipment must be recycled or be properly disposed of. Consumers should also ensure that old televisions, computers, refrigerators, freezers and other electrical or electronic devices are recycled and do not end up in landfill.

Most people might not be aware that the average PC contains 100 or more poisonous or toxic chemicals and substances. In CRT televisions, the Cathode Ray Tubes contain phosphor, cadmium and lead in high quantities. When it comes time to retire an old television, there needs to be safe disposal guidelines followed because these substances are contained in a high pressure vacuum that can cause glass to fly at high velocity and substances to be inhaled when the tubes are broken. For this reason, and due to their high toxicity, they cannot be disposed of without proper care. When you need to dispose of a television, do you know what you need to do?

If you are like most people, you probably aren’t aware of the responsibility until after you have purchased their new television. At this point, you realise that you need to somehow dispose of the old television, but are not sure what to do next. Whether you are a consumer that needs to get rid of an old television or a business owner that needs to dispose of old CRT computer monitors, you can contact a licensed waste carrier to safely dispose of or recycle the equipment. The Environment Agency has licensed waste carriers that are trained to properly recycle old televisions, IT equipment and other electronics and they can provide the proper disposal techniques and documentation, if applicable.

Besides the safety of the environment, there are advantages to the programmes and directives that are put in place. When you recycle TVs, there are a number of benefits that these licensed waste carriers provide. If it is a working CRT television or CRT computer monitor, it is possible that refurbishment can provide new life to the equipment and it can be used in charities, schools and third world countries that are too poor to afford this type of equipment. Not only does this cut down on landfill space and make the environment safer, but it helps those less fortunate have some luxuries that those better off take for granted.

It is your duty to be a responsible consumer or business owner and proper disposal or recycling of electronics can make the environment a safer place. Make sure you do the right thing by ensuring your old televisions are recycled properly and don’t end up in landfill.