Recurring Boils


Boils are lump like formations on the skin surface caused due to bacterial invasion. The bacterium responsible for causing boils is termed as Staphylococcus aureus. One can get rid of boils infection quite effectively if proper therapeutic steps are taken. But in spite of taking up necessary steps many patients continue to suffer from the skin disease known as recurring boils. In case of repeated development of boils patients are generally advised to go for a thorough medical check up as in most cases boils are the result of the incidence of internal disorders. The following are some of the major causes of the development of boils.

Causes of Recurring Boils

• The occurrence of immune suppressing disease leads to the development of repeated formation of boils. Patients suffering from diseases or HIV positive have colonies of bacteria responsible for causing boils in their nasal chambers and other moist regions of the body.

• Due to increased rate of alcoholism boils may occur frequently as the immune system gets heavily damaged.
• One of the most obvious reasons for the growth of bacteria is leading of an unhygienic life style. In fact to get rid of boils one has to maintain proper hygiene and to keep the body clean and germ free.

• Sometimes residing amidst crowded living arrangements may lead to the repeated development of boils. The dust accumulated on the arrangements would actually promote bacterial growth leading to the occurrence of skin infections.

• People who are into carrying out jobs and other activities where they have to deal with greasy or oily substances, especially petroleum jelly, generally suffer from persistent boils.

• The skin gets prone to staph infections if its texture and quality becomes highly damaged due to excessive exposure to harmful chemicals and other skin ailments.

• Boils can also be caused due to genetic transference. Many healthy individuals happen to carry the bacterial germs on the very surface of their skin by birth. Though not other wise harmful but if the bacteria somehow manage to enter inside the skin of the carrier through any wound or incision, it might lead to the development of staph boils.

In most chronic cases physicians administer antibiotics by carrying out a bacterial culture. Boils are found to respond well to effective home remedies as well. The frequent occurrence of boils can also be effectively eradicated on properly treating the internal body disorder.