Record Your Favorite Satellite TV Programs


When you first get satellite TV, you might run into an unexpected problem. One moment, you have only a few boring channels from which to choose, and have of them will be playing the same reruns of Friends, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and House that you have already seen a hundred times. The next moment, you will turn on your brand new high definition television to discover that you have hundreds of channels waiting for you, all with options that are so diverse that you will wonder why you did not get satellite TV earlier. Clearly, the investment is worth it. But then, you will encounter the issue that every new subscriber faces when they switch over form basic cable: you will have too many options. When you turn on your TV at 9 in the evening to relax a little bit after work, you will discover that there are about 10 shows that you may very well want to watch in this moment. How could you possibly choose between them all? Shall it be the cake-making competition show? Or that new sci fi drama everyone has been talking about? Or will it be the nightly news?


Such decisions are not easy ones! You may find yourself temporarily in dispair. What is the point of having all of these channels if you can only watch one at a time?


You also might encounter another familiar situation. It is a Saturday night at10 o’clock. That recent James Cameron movie that you have been wanting to see for months is finally debuting on the cinema channel that comes with your satellite TV package. You go down to the family room at 9:45, ready to claim your spot on the couch, then go to the kitchen to make some air-popped popcorn, only to discover that your teenage son is occupying the room with three of his friends, watching a Bruce Lee movie on the action movie network! The horror!


Luckily, there is a solution for both of these situations that will amaze you in how easy it truly is. Simply invest in a DVR, or a digital video recording system. These can come as standard bonus features with any satellite TV package, and will save you a lot of heartache down the road, as you will never have to miss your favorite program again. What exactly is a DVR?


This is a device that allows you to record multiple programs simultaneously, without ever having to stop watching the TV, or fool around with any VCRs or blank tapes. Simply set up the recordings with your remote control, and le the DVR do its magic. This way, if a Bruce Lee movie and a James Cameron movie are on at the same time, one can be recorded and viewed later while the other one is being watched. Or, if they both broadcast at the same time as an important Baltimore Orioles game, both can be recorded while the playoff game is watched. Welcome to a brave new world!