Recommended Books for Marketing Entrepreneurs- Must Read!


I have a great deal of respect for the person who asked me to choose two top recommended books for marketing entrepreneurs and I did not want to give up on this challenge of selecting only 2. So, as a compromise I chose here 2 of the books from my reading list that have had the most impact on me in the last 24 months when I read (or re-read) them recently. Each of these books is one I know I will read several times over the course of my lifetime to fully apply everything I learned.

1) How to Make Maximum Money in Minimum Time by Gary Halbert

Gary Halbert recently passed away and the world has lost one of the greatest marketing minds that ever lived. Halbert is a master of showing us what works in marketing and advertising, why it works, and how we can apply what works in others’ businesses to our own. I consult Halbert’s books, newsletters, and materials every single time I want to create a piece of marketing collateral (especially direct mail). He shows people how to take what we already have or do and transform it into products, ideas, services, and information we can use to bring us a fortune. In a field as competitive as copywriting where the top experts command tens of thousands of dollars for consulting as little as one hour, for decades never to my knowledge did any of Halbert’s competitors ever ONCE challenge his claim to be the “Greatest Copywriter in the World” and that alone qualifies anything he wrote as an addition to any serious list of success books to read. That’s saying something about how unreal this guy’s ideas are, don’t you think? This book is a must-read for anyone wanting to harness an understanding of how the human mind works to sell more of whatever it is they sell.

2) Influence: Science and Practice by Robert Cialdini

This book is a flat-out phenomenal addition to your success books library. Did you ever wonder why you act in a certain, automatic way when presented with a certain set of information or circumstances— almost without thinking? Did you ever wonder why and how we are influenced and the factors that we can use to influence others? The answers are simple and Cialdini explains them in a very entertaining and at times academic style that leaves you in no doubt he is the pre-eminent authority on influence to ever reveal the secrets of the laboratory and of real world situations. When you read this book pay special attention to the 11 principles of influence and also Cialdini’s “Click…Whirr” theory that explains why you (and I, and every other human being on this planet) make 99% of our decisions and take 99% of our actions each and every minute of every single day alive. And more importantly, how we can guard ourselves against these automatic thoughts and actions that can make us the targets of those who would try to manipulate us. Believe me, after you read this book you will pray to God that no one like a Joseph Stalin or Adolph Hitler ever gets their hands on this information.

Having read this article about 2 of my recommended books for marketing entrepreneurs, I hope that you are inspired to add these books you YOUR success and marketing books library, and if you don’t have a marketing books library…get started starting one and get started reading for success as an entrepreneur. It’s never too late to start reading for success, and it’s never too late to BE a success.