Recommended Aftercare Tips For Your New Tattoo


After making your final decision about your tattoo, you will visit a recommended tattoo expert. He may show you a lot many designs to be picked from. In case you are not satisfied with any he shows, you can simply discuss with him and customize one as you prefer. Take care while deciding this design as it is a permanent mark you are doing for your skin. Whatever may be the design, it is essential for you to take some aftercare measures.

If you had gone to a reputable tattoo parlor, they are certain to take the correct measures themselves. They will clean the tattooed area and apply ointment like antiseptics during the creation process. This is the safest method of making a tattoo. After tattooing, another clean-up is given along with another ointment coat for the area. Then the area is covered with a cellophane tape.

After the tattooist’s job is done, he will suggest how to take care of it or give the instructions in a sheet. Even if they don’t give you the instructions, you need to take care of your tattoo since it is your job and up to you to maintain it properly.

1. Soon after you go home after tattooing, don’t take a shower immediately. Keep the area clean and dry. Make sure that you wash your hands with soap and have it clean before touching your new tattoo. By doing so, you can avoid skin infections and other complications.

2. Visit a pharmacy and buy A&D ointment. Apply the ointment on the area for the next 4-6 days continuously. After the ointment dries up in the applied area, remove it with a soft cloth and apply again. Take care! you must not rub the area hard. It is highly recommended not to use soap for a few days.

3. After about a week, stop using the ointment. It is good to apply a body lotion, which is neither scented nor medicated. Scents tend to irritate the tender area.

4. Apply the body lotion for about a week’s time. Stop it later. One of the common problems is that as the tattoo gets cured, it is certain to scab in some parts. While trying to remove these scabs, take care not to disturb the tattoo design. The best solution is to allow the tattoo to heal alone.

If you practice these instructions carefully, you can be certain that you will not have any more problems with your tattoo.