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Express current spot prices in Asia with Crude Price volatility. Northeast Asia, although the current period to reach a few deals, but the overall volume less than the previous period. Traders and manufacturers, said the price fluctuation to the market area have been weak, sellers do not want buyers to see an empty sales. Beginning, a regional traders to 799 U.S. dollars / ton (FOB, Korea) will be priced at 3,000 tons in November the second half of the cargo sold to a Korean Aromatics Manufacturers. Later, four points in December to 795 to 800 cargo USD / tonne (FOB, Korea) prices, a number of cargo in January next year to 795 U.S. dollars / ton (FOB, Korea) price. Current high valuation of 15 to 20 U.S. dollars / ton, rising to 780 ~ 805 U.S. dollars / ton. (FOB, Korea). China’s domestic market, compared with Monday Tuesday libraries raise prices up 100 to 150 yuan / ton, rising to 5600 ~ 5700 yuan / ton price increase Friday it slipped to 5550 Library ~ 5650 yuan / ton. Southeast Asia, the supply and demand balance. Manufacturers shipments in November, said the remaining few, they do not rush sale of goods. Philippine companies beginning with 750 to 760 U.S. dollars / ton (FOB, Bataan) transaction price of shipment. Current high valuation of USD 10 / t, rising to 795 ~ 810 U.S. dollars / ton (FOB, Southeast Asia).

Toluene Surface current overall market weakness. Because of ample supply and the price outlook dim, the Chinese buyers to wait and see attitude. Northeast Asia, the price negotiation deserted, and the final valuation for the 775 ~ 780 U.S. dollars / ton (FOB, Korea), Dec. cargo quoted at 765 U.S. dollars / ton (FOB, Korea). China’s domestic market, library price increase over the previous period fell from 100 to 150 yuan / ton, for the 6400 ~ 6550 yuan / ton. Southeast Asia, the sales price of 700 U.S. dollars intention / t high level of purchase intention price of 750 ~ 770 U.S. dollars / ton (CFR, Southeast Asia).

Xylene isomerization Price fell 10 U.S. dollars / ton, while crude oil futures prices hit a new year high, due to xylene isomerization / para-xylene is not the difference, shrinking demand from China. End of the period, 11 arrival of mid-ocean freight quoted at 815 U.S. dollars / ton (CFR, China), but no corresponding interest in buying. A Northeast Asian trader will be in November ~ early in December the second half of the cargo of the sales price significantly lower intention to 780 U.S. dollars / ton (CFR, China).

Solvent xylene Solvent xylene in Asia followed a strong price of crude oil and Naphtha Prices remain strong trend, in which Korea valued at 760 to 780 U.S. dollars / ton (FOB), China, valued at 770 ~ 790 U.S. dollars / ton (CFR). China’s domestic market prices stable in the East China 6450 ~ 6500 yuan / ton (library price increases), South China 6900 ~ 6950 yuan price / ton (library price increases). Southeast Asia, the number of cargo to 775 U.S. dollars / ton (FOB, Southeast Asia) of the price. Other Enquiry price 770 U.S. dollars / ton (FOB, Southeast Asia).

Xylene Crude oil and naphtha prices

Although volatile, but the Asian paraxylene prices stable. Current valuation of p-xylene 920 ~ 930 U.S. dollars / ton (CFR, China main port) and 910 ~ 920 U.S. dollars / ton (FOB, Korea). A regional traders to 935 U.S. dollars / ton (CFR, China’s main port) prices for a number of cargo delivery in November, another trader to 925 U.S. dollars / ton (CFR, China’s main port) price to buy a group in December to deliver the cargo.


By higher crude oil prices and raw material prices strong support for mixed xylenes, o-xylene current spot prices in Asia rose from 10 to 30 U.S. dollars / ton. This issue most of the companies suspended in the spot market quotations. They said rising costs and lower Phthalic anhydride Weakness in the industry, profits are being eroded.