Reasons Why You Should Go With A Hosted Web Shopping Cart


You may not want to believe it at first, but paying for a remotely hosted small business web shopping cart is a better choice than installing an open source shopping cart for free. There are a lot of reasons.

Focus. It’s your job to sell your product, not to deal with Computerese. You’ll have enough issues running a business that you won’t be able to outsource to someone else the way you can with a shopping cart script.

You don’t pay much for it. A hosted shopping cart software’s price is inconsequential, anywhere from $ 10 to $ 100 per month. If that’s a significant expense for your business, you need to look into improving your profit margin.

You get support for free. Support for business software with a monthly fee comes as part of the fee, while support for free business software could be very costly. Open source and other free software usually comes without any support except forums for do-it-yourselfers to share ideas. So you’ll end up paying someone to install and maintain it. Your other option, as we’ve said, would be to follow the advice found on third party forums, which isn’t always spot-on, and may cost you even more if the advice turns out to be incorrect.

You get the whole thing fully installed for free. You get free installment as part of the monthly fee for your hosted software subscription. Say goodbye to the days of paying huge amounts of money at an hourly rate to developers just to install the program, or fix any potential bugs in the program.

Enhanced security. Since the provider takes care of everything security-related, you don’t need to install patches for your software.

Faster processing. Shopping carts hosted online now work straight out of the box, unlike before. Input your inventory and bada bing, bada boom, all is working fine. This isn’t like open source shopping carts, which confuse you with their myriad options and unnecessary features.

Peace of mind. You can’t have an online business without a shopping cart. If anything makes the blood stop flowing, however minor the cause, you’ll feel it fast. It’s no joke maintaining open source programs, which need regular maintenance, and sometimes you may even have to hope a freelancer is available to help with the maintenance process. A specialist can do that for you any time and any day if you go hosted.