Reaching an International Audience with Email Marketing


The Internet has not only leveled the playing field for all email marketers, but that field is now representing a global audience, without boundaries or limits.  In other words, when looking to expand your marketing efforts, we must think of marketing to a global international audience – putting in all the logistics that will work, leaving no stone unturned.

As tempting and exciting as this market and opportunity may be, it should not be approached in the same way in which you would market an audience of your own culture or country.  Not every product and service that may be needed in one culture satisfies another.  Each country and culture poses different barriers and thinking.  So, before diving into the international marketing arena, do your research, making sure your product and service meets a particular international niche.  Every marketer knows that expanding any email marketing campaign to a greater number of recipients and locations, is just simple marketing sense.

Every business that intends to use their email marketing campaigns to market an international global audience must ensure their messages are translated accurately, and are not politically or culturally insulting.

Language and Communication:  When conducting business with other countries, language can be a great obstacle.  Why? 

Because we do not express ourselves using the same words about the same things. For those of you who have lived or traveled to other countries, you know that expressions and descriptions of common, everyday items change from culture to culture.  Therefore, when creating any content for your email marketing campaign, or website, you will need the assistance of a native speaker of that country and region.  They can assist and help you articulate the necessary words and expressions that will give the understanding and clarity you desire, without giving offense.

Symbols and Imagery:  The symbols and imagery that we use may have a negative effect on our email marketing campaigns. In technical writing courses, it is greatly stressed that symbolism is to be used with caution when corresponding with another country or writing manuals for another culture.  “For example, a lion can represent Christ in Christian culture; in Sumerian culture, the sun represents the god Marduk.  In Chinese culture, dogs represent devotion and faithfulness; in Islamic culture, they represent impurity.  Innocent mistakes may result in the loss of a large and profitable market.”  For further reading:

Know the law:  When marketing to a global audience, you need to be aware of all the regional laws regarding products, advertising, and sales tactics.

International Search Engine Optimization:  Choose the best search engines and know your keywords – internationally.

Global Friendly Website Optimization:  For any email marketers, creating a website that is globally acceptable, takes a few extra steps in its design and content.  Design and create a site that is targeting global visibility, not projected to a particular nuance or culture.  As with images and symbols, you want your colors to be adaptable and acceptable.  Certain colors may have a different meaning to other cultures.  Your content must also be appealing and acceptable to a large international audience, as well.  Hire educated SEO experienced native speakers,  giving you the guidance and objectivity needed.

Engaging a global international audience takes research and time.  The marketplace is filled with highly skilled and educated marketers, with an audience that is technically perceptive and well informed.  As the demand for innovation and convenience grow stronger each day, so do our opportunities.

The answer is clear – growing your ROI means widening your audience.