Reaching a Short Shot?


You feel slow running to pick up a drop shot? Is it your anticipation or do you think it is your initial start? Ask yourself these questions, can you predict and read your opponents shot when they play a short shot? Or do you feel the problem might be you need to be faster? If the answer is to be faster, then you can set some short term goals to help you achieve a long term goal of becoming fitter. The fitter you become the more chance you have to run that short ball down. Your overall tennis match play will also gain from your greater fitness levels.

Set yourself a short term goal of learning how to run with the racket, make sure that you have both hands on the handle has you move. You do not have to be on a tennis court to practice these exercises, but of course if you have access to tennis court then that is fine.

On court get ready with both hands on the racket handle, keep the racket head above your hands as you run round the outside of the tennis court. Take your time first time round making sure you do not drop the racket head below your hands as you move. Have a ten second break and work out if you managed to keep the racket under control. Start another lap round the court working at a higher intensity, when you have completed a second circuit take another small break. How many times can you go round that tennis court before you take one of your hands off the handle? Let me know in the comments box.

Look at the top tennis players and watch how they put both hands on their tennis rackets as soon as they have played a shot. The reason for this is that it helps them with balance and readiness to compete in the rally. I have given only one exercise for a short term goal but you should be able to work out many different ways to help you practice. Make sure you do perform with quality and desire, to further develop and progress, have someone else competing against you? Also have another friend score marks out of 5 on how you carry out your task under pressure. Holding the racket handle in both hands when moving under pressure is very hard work, so be careful when you start.
Have fun learning well and don’t fall over too much, watch the top players and realise just how fit they are.