RC Helicopter Tail Set Up


RC Helicopter tail setup can be frustrating if you let it. After reading this article you will have a better understanding on the procedures of the setup process. A tip that I have found for 450 size helicopters or smaller is to take a old turntable you know the one that played vinyl records. Then mount my helicopter to the part that spins I used a 1×2 drill some holes then put in some wing bolts to hold the board slide the board threw the skids then tighten it down This allows the tail to swing side to side. This way I can make the adjustments needed on the bench.

1. First thing we want to do is make sure all the parts are moving in the right direction

· Looking form the tail when we move the nose of the helicopter to the right the tail slider should move toward the tail or to the left. If we are flying by the nose this is the way most pilots learn. If the tail slider moves the wrong way we need to reverse the gyro this is best done at the gyro itself not with the radio.

· Next we need to make sure servo arm is centered when doing this we want the gyro in rate mode the stick center radio on and power supplied to the helicopter. Then just keep moving the arm or switching arms until you find one that is close to center.

· Next we adjust the linkage on 450 helicopters you can just slide the servo up and down the boom with the linkage attached but one thing to make sure of there is no binding and rod is not to long or to short. What we want to accomplish is that the tail slider has a little pitch pushing the nose right to allow for main motor torque in a hover. If just a little left of center works well.

· Now we need to go in to the radio some types cannot get all the details of how to get there for so many radios out there but we need to find the gyro menu and set first to setting to -50 and the 3rd switch setting to +50 for are gain this is a good place to start

· Now we are ready to spool up and see if are tail holds If is spins counterclockwise we need to shorten the tail linkage rod. Or if is spins clockwise we need to lengthen the tail linkage rod.

· Next we need to get the helicopter in a hover and check the gain whit the helicopter in a hover if the tail wags a little the gain is to high I found on my 450 I set at 32%.

Sometimes I have to play with sliding the gyro or adjusting the tail linkage rod to get it just the way I want. Just keep fine tuning and you will get it where it holds rock solid Hope I helped someone Have a great day!