Ramsey Already Bearing Leg Again Like Arsenal Physio

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Successful operation means that unfortunately broken leg Arsenal genius Ramsey took the first step toward the back, the current Ramsey has returned to his home in Wales, and now he has undergone surgery for a small load-bearing legs, and because the injury is not complicated, Ramsey do not even need to fix the plaster.

Ramsey on Saturday in the Premier League match against Stoke City defender Shawcross was the right leg tackles the tibia and fibula, he was sent to the local North Staffordshire Hospital confirmed, then immediately medical conditions were sent to London for a better surgery.

Although Ramsey broken leg pictures seem shocking scene, but from a medical point of view, his injuries are not complex, relatively difficult to reduce the surgery. Following Ramsey’s right knee doctors cut a 0.75 cm incision only, and then screw in the plant Rulamuxi to fix the broken leg, followed by implantation of two steel bars also help the healing of broken bones.

Will Ridge said after the Wales team doctor “very successful surgery, the skin has not been significantly hurt, but the wound is very clean, this operation is to worry about internal bleeding and speaking problems, and Ramsey’s surgery was very lucky it did not appear kinds of situations. (treatment condition) So far so good, Ramsey’s recovery process is relatively not complicated. “

Ridge also spoke highly of Dr. Will Assen Nana’s medical team after the incident on the Ramsey’s injury care is in place, “Arsenal have the best medical team did everything they could do, but the most Rapid diagnosis of the Ramsey degree of the injury and sent him to hospital surgery. ” In fact, this is not the first time Arsenal praised the medical team, two years ago, Eduardo’s broken leg through the same event, properly deal with Arsenal medical team was also praised as “to save a player’s career.”

Medical experts also pointed out that as the site of Ramsey is not very close to the fracture of the knee and ankle, so he does not even need to cast immobilization, “Now he is resting to do more than 6 weeks, and he does not need this special plaster to fix, using crutches on the line. “

Ramsey after the injury had been received over 50,000 pieces of mail, telephone and text messages blessing, a number of Arsenal players and his former teammates in Cardiff to visit him, for training young friend Blake Ramsey in weeks e just and Ramsey by phone, it was revealed Ramsey now in good spirits, “he told me he was lying on the sofa, knees and ankles still swollen, and he put a few ice packs in the leg, but He said the leg had to bear a little weight, I heard that I was playing snooker when he played few games and I still do, and he now needs a cane to walk, then, rely on the TV drama stuff for some time. “

Ghent Wales team-mate and Ramsey on the phone every day, “he is now feeling a bit down, this time must have been a bit difficult, but we do not doubt he can come back, he will definitely be back when more strong. “

Destroyed because of an injured knee had a career Collins also Ramsey Wales players to encourage their own experiences, “the first months of very hard to accept, he must psychologically overcome, but as more and more light near the end of the tunnel When the day was set back when, it will more relaxed, I was told to rest at that time a year when the collapse of the whole person to be, and I wanted to play, Ramsey must feel the same now . “

Arsenal’s medical team has now started to Ramsey to develop detailed recovery plans, although he himself admits, “This is a setback,” but he is also confident, “I am young, I have decided to concentrate on recovery, hope When back better than the pre-injury. ”