Rampur Holidays in India


Take a valuable history and culture lesson by visiting the great city of Rampur.

The city of Rampur is a great place to find out more about Muslim culture. Although India tours is diversified country, there aren’t many Muslim places. This is why Rampur is so different. The Afghan influence can be felt even today, as this place is one of the fewest where Afghan and Indians people are living peacefully together.


Rampur was initially designed as a fort by Nawab Faizullah Khan in the year 1775. He tried to bring culture in this place, as he began to collect Urdu, Indian, Afghan and Persian manuscripts. After his death, Ghulam Muhammad Khan was proclaimed Nawab. The East India Company was not so happy about this and the newly proclaimed Nawab was killed after a reign of 3 months. Rampur was practically changed by Nawab Kalb Ali Khan, who begun his reign in the year 1865.


Rampur is the favourite destination for tourists that are passionate about religion. Muslim and Hindu monasteries can be found there. However, the English domination also made its mark. The Rampur Raza Library could be a part of a India tour packages, as there are some valuable manuscripts gathered from all over the world. The city of Rampur also prides itself as the founder of the Hindustani Classical Music. As a tourist in Rampur, you could also taste the delicious Indian and Afghan foods. The recipes are passed from the royal kitchen for generations. Although the ingredients are kept secret, you should at least try the delicious Rampuri korma or the Mutton Kebaps during your vacation.

Rampur is also known for its rampuri Chaaku knives. Your itinerary could also include a visit to a knives manufacturer workshop. The city is an important commercial nod of the area, so you could buy some cheap souvenirs and gifts for your friends and family back home. Don’t miss the thrilling of negotiation, as you could benefit from some important price reduction. The merchants are trying to sell at some big prices for foreign tourists. However, if you are patient, the price might fall dramatically.

If you are planning your India holiday deals during November, you could assist the famous Lavi fair festival. The old palace could also be included in your itinerary, as the beautiful gardens and the Hindu temple must not be missed. The palace is still used as a residence by the royal family successors, although they don’t have any administrative power or influence.