Rajasthan Tourism: Home to rich and vibrant Arts and Crafts


What is it about Rajasthan which highly fascinates tourists and makes Rajasthan tourism unparalleled and unique? Its monuments, rich cultural heritage and how can anyone forget, its creative arts and crafts! From handmade dresses, accessories, hand painted furniture or marble painting done by experienced and skilled artisans, every piece of art and craft depicts the creativeness and incredibility of the artists.

Shop for the unique and creative arts and crafts

Just strolling along the lanes and towns of Rajasthan, you will get to see numerous unique, creative and traditional items which are breathtaking, fascinating and beautiful. Rajasthan tourism highly promotes the antique art and crafts which is the specialty of the place and which can never be found anywhere else. The state excels in jewellery designing and the wide range of Pearls, diamonds, emerald jewelleries are specially made in Jodhpur and Jaipur.

When you talk about the arts, crafts, dresses or accessories which you can find widely available in every nook and corner of the state, you will not be able to resist yourself. You will actually end up buying a large amount of these stuffs and at the end of your Rajasthan tour you will feel elated. Every simple item reflects the sophistication as well as the simplicity of the place and the people. The range of the items and crafts which you can buy in Rajasthan is unparalleled and is unique in its own right which you will find only in this place and which no other packages tour India can offer.  You can find block printed materials, tie and dye dresses which are not only impressive but affordable too.

Fascinating pieces of arts and handicrafts for every vacationer

Whatever your taste, preference or choice, Rajasthan has something to offer to each traveler. The vibrant colors, creativity and the precision of every item just mesmerize the tourists. The items are therefore are bought by the traveler with just a glimpse at them. The handicrafts are made by locals, both gents and ladies with complete dedication and care and with the usage of enticing gems and stones. Shopping for these items and crafts forms a vital part of the Rajasthan tour of every traveler.

The intricate work of zari, gold, zardosi, etcetera compliments the fabrics and materials. They are specially designed and styled by the experienced and traditional artisans and weavers which give an edge to the Rajasthan tourism.