Rajasthan Is The First Choice Of Inbound Travellers


Rajasthan is the first choice of inbound travellers

“Do you believe in fairytales?” Asked Mark to his band of friends. “Obviously” answered
his girlfriend. “With chivalrous and charming Princes, graceful Princesses adorning fine,
Glittering jewelry and the grand opulence of Palaces, anybody would fall for a fairy tale.”

“Well then, lets talk to Erco Travels to plan our trip to a fairy tale place in India”. Everybody Loved and cheered for the idea.

The Erco official reverted immediately with an itinerary to various places in Rajasthan.

Their discovery of Rajasthan would start with stay at Jaipur. This pink city is famous for it’s pink sandstone used in construction of the main walls of the city, it’s forts and palaces.

The group would visit the imposing fort of Amer as the Maharajas did, by riding on the back of an elephant. Within the imposing walls of this fort are some most beautiful palaces of early Maharajas and their Queens. Decorated in gemstones, mirrors and enamel paint, these palaces are a treat to watch. A visit to the City Palace takes you to the dream world of luxury and beauty. From the Fort to visit the 16th century scientific invention of the ruling Kings, the Jantar Mantar. An array of various constructed devices, the Jantar Mantar, is one of the earliest inventions to acertain Earth’s movements and planetary positions.

The stay continues to the euphoria of royal dinners at a Palace, an elephant polo match with traditional royal tea and trying a hand at the local handicrafts. The travel moves on to Jodhpur, the city that houses the largest grand Palace of Rajasthan. A visit to this Palace moves you to another era of scenes depicting painted walls, silk curtains in lush colors, Victorian furniture and flowing gardens overlooking the full city below. The scene is breathtaking. The city hides beautiful havelies surrounded by lush green gardens, ancient temples and a towering fort. The Mehrangarh Fort has seen and defended many wars imposed on it. It still stands strong and proud. Rajasthani dancers and fire eaters welcome you within the fort emphasing the spirit of the city and it’s people.

From the owe inspiring Jodhpur, the travel to Jaisalmer moves you to another dream. The sand city is full of brown sandstone havelies, palaces and dunes, in stark combination to the deep blue skies that merge with it in the horizon. It is a treat to experience a camel ride on the dunes for an evening rendevous with the setting Sun. The deep orange Sun melts into the sands of the desert, leaving everyone with a sigh on their lips. Havelies invite for a keen view, what with their fine intricate filigree windows and carved walls. The sand blows around the way giving it all an ethereal look. By now the group’s senses are full of Palaces, fine dining, colours and massive forts. The group decided to finalize their trip immediately with Erco Travels and went on to their day dreams of the forth coming tour.