Railway Equipment Manufacturing Industry Usher In The Spring Is Going Out – Railway Equipment

Benefited from increased investment in national infrastructure, the railway industry thriving in the economic crisis. China South Locomotive 2009 annual report, in 2009 China South Locomotive Co. operating income 46.393 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 30% over the previous year, achieving operating profit 1.982 billion yuan, up 20.67 percent over the previous year.

China South Locomotive Chairman Charaters that 2009 is the year the market very competitive, but the CSR business data far exceeded expectations, both ends of the smile curve in the profits?? Intellectual property and brand building, companies productive session.

He said, railway industry, ushered in the spring of the current domestic and international markets are bullish, China Equipment manufacturing Industry to “go out” time.

Harvest after transformation China’s high-speed train ran out of the Chinese more than speed, it has become a Chinese business card. As of April 12, China South Locomotive and developed 350 km per hour EMU have on the safe operation of high-speed railway nearly 10 million km, 380 km per hour the new generation of EMUs will be offline in the first half of this year, all from restructuring.

See that the modern plant, compared to 10 years ago, the state-owned enterprises, “a collection of small workshops”, even single-handedly contributed to this change Charaters also filled with emotion. He summed up the transformation of experience is: First spotted the direction of market development, to understand the needs of Chinese people; second is the high standards and strict requirements, to the world on top of technology; Third painful it must be determined, of giving only you win, there are only into retreat. Another mechanism for protection from Innovation Vitality: the formation of capital market pressures driving force of technological innovation, innovative models to Study and Research for personnel training, scientific research into successful products in industry and create value.

He also pointed out that the success of structural adjustment related Key How to select a new mode of development. 2004 “long-term Railway Network Plan” promulgated by 2020, the national railway mileage to 120,000 km or more, double-track rate and electrification rate reached 50% and 60%. “Their research and development behind closed doors, and then ten years failed to achieve the purpose, we are to achieve leapfrog development, we must take the introduction of absorption and innovation, in order to Market for technology The road. “

To avoid going out onto the market many companies did not return for the old path of technology, China South Locomotive and adhere to the “introduction of advanced technologies, the joint design and development, to build China brand.” Words with Charaters is walking on two legs, China South Locomotive and in 2004 the introduction of 200 kilometers per hour after EMU in 2005, began the development speed of 350 km on the EMU, the two fronts of a team, to introduce and develop simultaneously. “Otherwise, do the whole introduction, the introduction of new generation has gone to someone else, look at this road is now a success.” At present, China has become the world’s first four can develop more than 300 km per hour speed EMU country-level, high-speed moving vehicle group were nine key technologies to achieve self-development.

It Charaters revealed that this year China South Locomotive and there will still be in the innovation of two breakthrough, Qingdao Sifang technological transformation will be completed by the end of June this year, will become the world’s most advanced high speed EMUs production base, manufacturing capacity from the current annual production of 60 to 200. At the same time, high-speed train system integration National Engineering Laboratory will be completed by the end of October, experimental conditions and the project will reach the world’s most advanced level. First Train in the new South Western Railway (SWR) Livery

444 040 in the new SWR livery passes through Wimbledon Park station on its way to London Waterloo station for a media event launching the new SWR franchise and its new train livery.

When I arrived at this station I also saw a Class 450 train passing through and as my camcorder was available I filmed this too – plus the train that I was on when I arrived here!