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Investment in the next year, not by circumstances, “Rail-based” investment but never reduced to 1.5 trillion 1.8 trillion. Government priority investment needs new point. Among the new points, including the North and natural gas on.

Trigger of the North Water Transfer Project twists and turns. Progress of the project once came before the change, or even general construction projects have been delayed a number of risks. Even in this year’s 4 trillion investment to stimulate the economy very moment, is frequently variable. Now the official has once again spread the news of additional investment on the North Water Transfer Project.

“Total investment of 7.7 billion project approved section of the South Han River.” Hubei Provincial Department of the Office of a person recently told reporters that, as early as late last month, the province along the section of land in the South Han River development project implementation plan, have passed the Land Department, Ministry of Finance’s assessment.

At the same time, the State Department South Office, Renzhang Ji Yao said publicly that a total investment of more than 30 million North Water Transfer Project, also has entered a crucial stage.

12 7 after the end of the Central Economic Work Conference, the 9th National Development and Reform Commission held a national development and reform meeting to study the initial implementation of specific measures for economic work next year. At the meeting, the State Development and Reform Commission Zhang Ping, director of investment set the tone for next year is: “will continue to maintain a reasonable scale of investment, focus on finishing projects under construction, and strictly control new setting out their stalls.”

This time, North Water Transfer Project is an important appointment, is likely to be deployed under the general direction of the adjustment of investment structure, an important piece, and successfully took the government a large investment in the baton.

“Blood” of South

Both the central and local, unified voice is the South’s investment project is speed. Before that it is the twists and turns.

Last year was North Water Transfer Project is identified as a major project to stimulate domestic demand. It is reported that the Central investment in the last year, 4.2 billion have been arranged based on the Central this year and an additional 2 billion yuan investment, the project reached 21.3 billion yuan of investment arrangements.

However, the South’s investment has not been smooth. It is learned that the original 2010 introduction by the Yangtze River water planning in Beijing, on account of resettlement compensation, ecological facilities, investment and other issues was postponed until 2014.

“Earlier this year to determine the latest development objectives: midline 1 Construction The main goal of completion in 2013, 2014 Xunhou through the water. “Cheng Jing, Beijing Water Affairs Bureau confirmed.

Why delay? This reporter has learned, requires additional investment, the Southern Office of the State Council made the decision to postpone an important factor in duration. “Additional investment in public works engineering their own requirements.” State Department North Water Transfer Project Expert Summer Youth Commission members are given the answer, because of national policy changes, price increases and changes in the structure of South investment, and now works with a larger increase in investment demand.