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The word trekking often relates with walking through various mountains, hills, valleys and lakes. You will be definitely excited on hearing about a trekking plan. This is enjoyed by almost all age groups especially the one who are adventurous in nature. There are lots of things to be taken cared of before moving for trekking. You cannot go just like other holiday trips by filling your bags with all the clothes you have.  You should be well prepared both mentally and physically for trekking. There are certain things that must be taken without fail. If you are going for more than one day, there will be a need to spend the night hours on the way near some flatten area. You will have to build small tents to accommodate all the people.There is a requirement to get outdoor clothing equipment and other instruments like axe in order to build the tent. You should have warm clothing to protect you from severe cold weather. There are many jackets available on the market that are specific for these use including the rab jackets which gives you complete protection from severe conditions. Apart from this you should have boots that are flexible with high grip on the trekking areas. The selection of shoes must be done with at most care as it should provide complete flexibility in moving around through irregular path ways without losing your balance. Your travel bag must be enough to accommodate all your equipments and at the same time you should feel comfortable in carrying the bag along your shoulders. It is necessary for every one to have their own travel bag equipped with all the eatables and water as you may not find any such things once you have started your venture.

You may come across various plants and trees on the way which is unknown to you. There are possibilities of getting hurt by scratching on some thorny plants on the way. In order to protect yourself from any allergies and other poisonous plants, you should be well equipped with immediate medical facilities. You should also make a point to take all the prevention vaccinations before your trekking date. Some of these vaccinations are taken more than one time at regular interval of time which makes the complete course. Traveling to each location will have its own specific medical aid. You should make all these arrangements for all the people in your group ahead of your journey. There are many such companies providing complete package including the medical aid for all the trekkers and footprintsglassgow website is one among them. You can definitely approach this firm any time for any aid related to any adventurous trip.

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