Quickest Way to Make Money Online


No this isn’t an article promoting some get rich quick scheme… this is an article with information on the quickest way to generate leads (and subsequently income) for your existing online business.

So what is the quickest way to make money for your online business? Hands down it’s Google AdWords, i.e. advertising on Google. Google currently has the highest amount of search engine traffic today because Google offers highly targeted search results. On Google you don’t get bombarded with ads (like on search engines like Yahoo), and your search results are highly matched to the phrase you searched for. You want to be advertising on Google for this same reason; Google will reward you with cheaper advertising if you meet their standards of ads highly targeted to a user’s search phrase (using this method, you can also target individuals in specific industries who may be more likely to join your business or purchase your products).

Google AdWords is not for the inexperienced or unknowledgeable however. If you set up an AdWords campaign without sufficient knowledge about how to use the system, you will get killed. Without knowing how to properly budget, or properly target and optimize your ads, you will spend a lot of money, yet won’t be generating any sales. Google will additionally pay more attention to you (show your ads more) the more money you spend on your advertising. You will therefore want to start with a significant daily marketing budget.

If you don’t want to waste your entire budget, educate yourself on Google AdWords before you begin advertising. I personally highly recommend Perry Marshall’s Definitive Guide to Google AdWords (I am in no way affiliated with Perry Marshall). It’s a fairly lengthy guide, however it will teach you everything you need to know about exploiting Google AdWords for any business opportunity or product you wish to market. Master Google AdWords, and you’ll be generating leads for your business instantly, and will make money online quicker than with any other marketing method.