Qatar Motivational Speaker – 5 Tips For Team Mindset Change

.tags Mindset is everything.

Without the right one, you can’t actually achieve anything of significance.

With the wrong one, you’ll constantly experience failure and self-sabotage events throughout your life.

You’ll be focusing on negative or non-serving thoughts that allow you to fit into the same patterns as everyone else but still get bad results (just like everyone else).

The biggest problem is that you probably won’t have a clue that this is going on.

This article isn’t about hypnosis or NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) even though they are very powerful tools in the battle to win control of your mind.

I just want to point out a few tips and tricks that will get you up to speed and at the top of your game in moments.

I also guarantee that your competition will have no idea that they exist.

Which gives you a huge edge.

5 Paradigm shifts that will make you a winner every single time…

1) You Can Know Your Emotions
Whether you feel happy, sad, angry, excited or stunned they are all emotions with opposites available. But only if you need them. Each emotion has a ‘superpower’ or flavour attached to them that can create any mindset as you need or don’t need access to them. So happy makes you want to interact with the world and share the joy, but sad makes you introverted and open to receive lower level emotions. This might not seem useful but when you become sad, you can empathize with a grieving friend or colleague and then switch back to happy when you are ready to move on. There are no good or bad emotions, just useful and less useful.

2) You Can Change State
When you think about any situation in your past, you can access the way that event or experience affected you. As you do so, your current state of feelings has to recall the past in order to have the full memory. So limit your memories to ones that had you being super-successful and your natural daily state will reflect that. Whilst being happy all day isn’t recommended (you’d stop noticing the boost it gives you if you had it 24/7) having the ability to become happy instantly has lots of advantages or angry (for strength) or thoughtful (for creativity).

3) You Can Block Out Things
Understanding our environments is paramount to our success. When you know that funerals make you sad, nightclubs make you sexy and sitting in a field makes you chilled out and ‘at one’ with nature, you can choose the environment to create a certain emotion. Similarly, when you can’t get access to the one you want, you can mentally ‘create a bubble’ around you and fill it with the memory and emotions of a more useful experience.

4) You Can Block Out People
You don’t have to do what everyone else does, nor do you have to listen to people that can hurt you. Get used to accessing old internal experiences which empower you and ‘reframing’ the effect someone has over you. Remember everyone is doing whatever they do for what THEY BELIEVE ARE THE RIGHT REASONS – even when they are wrong for you. Forgive them and understand their own mindset – even if you don’t agree.
Then imagine that they are holding a monkey in their arms which embodies all their problems and toxic thinking. They want to hand that monkey over to you.
Just don’t take their monkey.
– Yes. It’s that simple.

5) Keep Busy And Take It Easy
Firstly, keep yourself active and in control. Even when you are doing nothing, make sure that you have chosen to do nothing and are aware of that fact. Secondly, whilst moving through all these experiences, stop punishing yourself for things that don’t go as planned. You are the best one to get the results you need in your life, so just accept this and stop giving yourself a hard time about things.
The voice in your head is your own subconscious mind (which has your own best interests at heart) the sound of the voice is a well-meaning but often misdirected adult from the past who isn’t in control anymore. You are instead.
So question the destructive words with ‘Who says I should/must/could/couldn’t… etc’ and start to pay attention to the questions that follow.
Act on them.

I could go on through another 5, but will save them for another time.

Until then… have a great day.
Or don’t – but only if YOU choose not to.