Q Rage


Akin to what we see on the roads today, is another type of rage. Let us call it ‘Q Rage’.

I have to admit that I succumb to this rage very often. Whether I am at the BSNL counter trying to pay my telephone dues or at the movie theatre trying to get the first show tickets or at the temple trying to get His blessings, I often feel the rush of blood to my head.

There is this guy, who with utter disregard for the patiently waiting citizenry, shoves his hand inside the ticket counter from the side and gets the tickets he wants. I guess this is perfectly fine with him because of his unstated premise: my time is more precious than thine.

This rage manifests itself when one challenges this premise. Isn’t time the most democratic possession of all? If time and tide waits for no man, it follows that time and tide (read high tide) is everyone’s, and in equal measure.

Already, we have seen a death in a London shopping mall owing to do this Q rage, albeit in a different manner; a lady thought she was being wrongly accused of jumping the queue and went into a fit. She called her boyfriend who came in quickly and punched an innocent bystander to a sudden death. This bystander had not been anywhere in the argument and fell victim to this Q rage.

If you think about it, road rage is actually a variant of Q rage. Often times a person wants to jump a lane and speed off. Here too the same premise applies; my time is more precious than yours. If you dont make way, I will have you make way.

Maybe, Q rage is a good thing after all. Let no one autocratise time!

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