Q: How Do I Become Famous?


How do I become Famous? Many people are born with the urge to be something more. To live in the limelight. There are many of us who are born to live the life of a Star. Maybe your one of them, and if your anything like me, you’ve learned the hard way that it’s not the easiest task to become a working entertainer – In fact it can be a real drudging world. Waiting, ..and Hoping, Rewarding when you get a Contract, but sometimes the gigs can be few and far between…. thus reality sets in that your talents and abilities are not recognized as they should be between the herd of 1000s of other hopeful entertainers in the exact same shoes as yourself. You’ve decided to take on a dayjob to support your dream – or give up all together.

I was this way once too..
However, don’t give up so easily, when Work doesn’t come to you. Make it. “How do I become Famous?” LEVERAGE T-H-E INTERNET.

The thing is: If your looking for celebrity like status in any field, Video Marketing is your top dog. Entertainment is no exception. How do I become Famous? 3 Simple Steps.

Position Yourself. Learn how to Ranked so People Find you.

Make Friends

& Showcase Yourself.

So many people are turning to youtube as their search engine of choice. Did you know that Youtube is Now the Second most used search engine on the internet? not only are people using youtube to search for entertainment but also for quality content.

Your First Goal to Stardom is to Create Quality Content that people will want to view. Since we both know your talented this is a pretty easy step. Make your content entertaining yet informative.

Next you want to gather a following of people who want to see your content. This is where a good effective marketing plan comes in. Marketing yourself and your content is how you will get exposure. Learn more about effective internet marketing to maximize your exposure visit http://www.bigdreammillionaire.com

Third you want to find a good friends and a good mentor who understands your goals and will help you to achieve them, people who have made a personal connection to you are more willing to help you move forward so don’t be shy to making new friends! You never know whose going to throw you your next opportunity.