Punk Fashion – Punk Funk Is Trendy


Punk fashion is definitely a trendy style of cosmetics, jewelry, hair and clothing. The punks also have modifications to the body. Not only do the punks have a distinct social dress, but others such as the skinheads, greasers and rude boys all have had influence as far as punk fashion goes.

The clothing of the punks is used as a stand out statement in their subculture. When punk fashion started around the ’70s the intention was to shock people as well as have the rebellious look and being confrontational. The styles they used then to recently differ considerably, and today’s punks just have a basic punk look.

Items that were worn in the ’70s changed and new items have been added over the years. That time the fashion was considered to be really low and scummy. The T shirts that were worn by the punks were extremely offensive such as inverted crucifixes, Nazi emblems and blatant sex symbols; not only were these t shirts offensive they were intentionally torn.

Blazers and jackets were common then and are still part of the punk dress. They wear Doc Martins, military boots, motorcycles boots and brothel creepers, these shoes are still worn with very tight pants, either leather of tapered jeans, some have animal prints as well. Bondage is also very popular in the punk fashion.

The hair styles are outrageous and messy. The hair is dyed in bright colors, like pink, orange, green, and purple to mention a few. Mohawk and spiky styles are fashioned and some include jewelery in the hairstyle. Portabella Road in England is filled with punks; making the area rather colorful.

Mostly studded jewelery is worn as well as chains attached to their clothing, either on their trousers or T shirts. Fishnet stocking are very popular; as well as heavy makeup worn by men and women. Body piercings and safety pins are a common site among punks worn by both sexes.

Combinations of clothes are worn by the women; for instance they will wear feminine and over dress this with masculine clothing, including very chunky boots. Most of the clothing is ripped purposely and then held together with safety pins.

Razor blades and chains are used as items of jewelery and leather, vinyl and rubber clothing has become part of their dress code, which signifies their connection with bondage and sexual practices. The punks and punk fashion is fascinating to see, especially if you have never seen this before. Visit the UK and you will see many punks in and around London. They are really cool.