PUMA Motorsport series belt you step on F1 journey


Whether you felt the engines rumble of sound, racing long howling and waves cheers? If you felt the tension and excitement between the rapid heartbeat in seconds? April 2011, high-profile F1 car Chinese grand prix fires just detonated passion in Shanghai! With the Olympics and the World Cup were called the three world sports event and it will again attract global 10 million viewers’attention. For PUMA speaking, racing field has been one of the stage to advocate its speed and passion. In this people focus of moments, PUMA also brought its new Motorsport series products: whether to on-site experience engines roar whispering rushing moment, or waiting for the car chases feel soul-stirring omni-directional scene in front of the screen, a holiday racing equipment, your racing world will more excellent! Passion in April, contest draws near, are you ready?

As an international well-known brand, PUMA dynamic life dedicated to help you recall sports intention and nature, find the most simple fun of sports. In early 1999, PUMA began to design the overalls and racing shoes for the top teams and drivers; For motor sports input, it begins with the cooperation with F1 Williams team, in succession it sponsored numerous PUMA world first-class teams and drivers again. Since 2004, PUMA officially became a ferrari’s official partners to sponsor identity for ferrari’s F1 team and provide relevant clothing and accessories. PUMA for racing attached on the pitch not only shows the passion, also constantly brought for the world total race fans sur-prise: 2011 PUMA’s Motorsport series products, the perfect fusion emerge, again a series of sense and functional design new products will bring you incomparable unique experience, let your racing passion never be cut off. This will bring the people new expection to own it.

This type of Future Cat L Monogram SF series, which last for the ferrari series products consistent design feeling and functional, and the true leather face and shoes side ferrari logo is the symbol of quality; Underside by the oil antiskid rubber rubber, no matter what the conditions are, it will still make you maintain stable play; Vamp with the using of high quality leather, wearing turned more comfortable nap, bringing you better racing performance;
The buttons with rubber outsole and unique shoe body design feeling, which will give you more fashionable whole tie-in, and the unique exterior design make you comfortable at the same time, all the technology reveals dominance of innovation and professional protection you can play, let you show the best in the world, and make you always maintain the best state.

In this season PUMA also launch Future Cat L Fade shoes, this kind of shoes and Future Cat L cixin Monogram SF could have the same technology content, which is matched again with full of fashionable design and the lasting appeal of gradual change color. When it gives you the best travel protection, it will show the wearer trendy fashion taste at the same time.

The most fashionable spring 2011, except for the most functional PUMA shoes for everyone to choose car outside, PUMA also equipped with the most complete fans gear for car enthusiasts, let your fluctuation racing passion never fall down!
Passion in April, let us brandish the high passion in the track pitch together!

Now the new puma series is graduallyl launched on the market. If you are internet in them, you can surf the Internet and get the information you want. And I want to tell you that this kinds of shoes deserve to own and be cherished.