Puerto Banus Hen Weekends


Weddings are always a happy beginning in a woman’s life. But it is also an end to her life as a single woman that had its own happy moments and memories. Moreover, it is perhaps to savor these sweet remembrances of maidenhood there is a tradition of celebrating a party a few days prior to the wedding celebration.

This is an all ladies party that is organized and arranged by a best friend or the sister of a bride to be. And to make the party real fun there are times puerto banus hen this is carried off to another destination among many interesting and exciting places across the UK and Europe.

Puerto Banus Weekend

This beautiful marina is located on Costa del Sol in Spain. It is also in close proximity to Marbella which is another chosen destination for many others. This place was designed and created by Jose Banus. It was his brainchild that this place grew up to be a destination of excitement and fun. 
The popularity of the place has also brought about several travel packages on offer. These are all inclusive travel plans that take care of all your party arrangements and accommodations apart from flight travel as well.

Puerto Banus Activities

The beach here has always been one of its major attractions. There are plenty of options for water sports some of which are puerto banus hen weekend adventurous. Take your pick with waterskiing, wakeboarding or even a powerboat ride with your friends. You can simply cruise along the waters with a hired boat also for a daylong trip.

And this is only the beginning to a great weekend. There are plenty of choices from dance lessons to Spa therapy; there are adventure sports like paintballing and go-kart racing to choose from as well.

And if you still have it in you then reserve yourself for a night out of wild parties.
Puerto Banus Nights The hen nights are just as exciting and varied in their choices and options. There are exquisite dinner plans that you can make with delectable Spanish cuisine. You can continue with your favorite music and dance to its beats at some of the best and happening nightclubs here.

There are special hen events that can also be arranged as part of a plan for a private party. It could be a great way to round off your hen weekend at Puerto Banus hen weekend.