Programs Children Should Be Involved In


Before we start, let’s just clarify this. When talking about program’s your children should be involved in, we are not talking about poplar soap operas or the latest chat shows.

Obviously we are discussing programs such as after school and sport incentives. These are widespread throughout communities and you can be assured that there will be a selection for you and your child to choose from.

So, how do you know which ones are best for your child? Simple- you don’t. Well obviously check that the people running the program has relevant qualifications and that they are all police checked, but other than that, until your child tries the program, you won’t know whether or not it is for them.

Your child may dread sports activities at school, they may hate the games, and at times even the location, but taken out of the school context and your child could be a super sports person, just waiting to be discovered.

Let your child join in with these different sporting activities such as horse riding or swimming – things that they don’t get to try at school. This will boost their confidence in their own ability and make them much more confident at being an individual.

If your child already thrives in sports, get them to continue this with school teams. Most schools now have football and other team sports for children as young as five.

So why is it important to get your child involved in sports? Team sports help young children (well, people of any age) build relationships, helps to teach them right from wrong, these children learn how to be team players and realize that winning is not everything. And for children who haven’t yet bonded with physical education in school, it reassures them that they are able to achieve in this subject.

There is another obvious reason however to get your child involved in these types of programs – health and well being.

In western culture we know that our children are becoming obese and ergo meaning they may not outlive their parents. This is the shocking truth that the parents of today are facing. It is also the reason that there will be so many different sporting activity programs within your local area. It’s a government incentive, and a good one at that.

There are many other programs that your child would benefit from. Brownies and Scouts being one of these. Rather than focusing on the sporting achievement these focus on the social side of growing up.

These clubs help children to develop an understanding of their wider environment, learning basic skills and developing their ability to communicate with other children as well as adults. This in itself is a great help to your child in their social life. After all, their school life takes a lot of negotiating.

As well as all of this, being involved in something like this program helps them have a sense of belonging.
Girl Scouts as well as appealing to the less sporty child, it’s also very active, with meetings often beginning and ending with team building activities and games.

There are many reasons why your child needs to be involved in these types of programs. These programs teach children how to interact within society, they help build confidence and finally they teach your child life skills that will help them become well rounded individuals.