Pretty In Pink: Gifts For Your Little Princess

.tags There is something about certain colours that evokes an emotional response. Those colours with a hint of blue give us a feeling of coolness whilst those that are more on the red side of the colour spectrum are warming. Tradition has it that little girls wear pink and little boys wear blue but there is a natural progression and attraction that seems to be innate in girls towards the colour pink. It is not just clothing in pink that they all want to have but any pink items at all. Put a group of boy and girl babies who are still at the crawling stage near a selection of toys in a range of colours and it is almost always the little girls who you will find clamouring to play with the pink toys.

Even when parents attempt to avoid conditioning their daughters with all things pink at an early age, by giving them blue, green or yellow toys to play with and dressing them in every colour under the sun except pink, there will still be that unexplainable pull towards pink. There is no point in fighting this urge. You may as well go with it and believe me, a craving for pink is going to continue well into adulthood. All those funky pink cars that you see on the roads are driven by grown women who still love all things pink. They most probably possess pink mobile phones, wear pink jewellery and dress their pet pooch in a pink dog jacket in the winter months. Little girls adore the colour and so, when it comes to finding gifts for kids, make sure you find something pink to give to girls of any age. Finding the right gifts for your own little princess can have you running around like a headless chicken, but by focusing on a pink present you are bound to be on to a winner. You already know what she loves to play with and what she already has in her collection of toys and knick knacks, so you are well aware of her developing tastes and so whether it is a cuddly and fluffy toy, a snugly blanket or a picture for her to hang on her bedroom wall that you are looking for, it has got to be pink. Buyinggifts for kids need not be too expensive to make great presents as there is such a huge range of fun and exciting gifts for kids to suit your little angel.

If she loves spending time in her own private space and is proud of the way her bedroom looks, the Personalised Polka Dot Clock for Girls will look fab and groovy on her bedroom wall. This lovely wooden wall clock is in a pretty and soft shade of pink and decorated with two white butterflies. It can be personalised with her own name and with bold numerals hand painted onto it, she can easily learn to tell the time with this clock or, if she is older, will be able to see when it is time for bed.

In this lovely space of hers she can enjoy nibbling away at a really special bar of chocolate, the Birthday for Her Personalised Chocolate Bar with its pretty pink wrapper. She will not want to throw this special wrapper away as it will have her name across the front and a special message from you to her across the back.

Girls of all ages will be fascinated by the beautiful Pink Sun Jar that they can keep on a bedroom windowsill or in some other spot to collect sunshine during the day. At night it will let all the stored sunshine out in the form of a pretty pink glow. Of course, it really operates by the use of a solar cell, rechargeable battery and LED lamps but do not tell anyone this secret or it will just take away the magic. She can also keep this Pink Sun Jar outside in her garden as it is water tight and can gaze out at its pink glow after dark if she wishes. She may even catch a fairy or two dancing around it in the summer time.

All children love to watch TV but the whole experience is so much more special when snuggling down on the sofa wrapped in a soft blanket. The Personalised Fleece Blanket comes in a lovely shade of pink with a choice of star or heart motif and you can have your little princess’s name put across the motif too. It comes in a choice of fuchsia, raspberry and pale pink and she will love getting cosy with this versatile blanket.