President Bush is a Hero

In watching the Geo-Political Climate we are finding that President Bush did a tremendous job during his presidency. Some might charge that he spent way too much of our National Treasury during his term, but that is not only the President’s fault, Congress and the Senate approved those expenditures before they got to his desk.

Now then, let us look at some of his accomplishments in the World, with regards to risks. For instance, North Korea, Libya, Iraq and Iran, as well as Venezuela and Cuba. All rouge nations from the US perspective and potential threats. All kept at bay.

North Korea and Libya folded cards, Iraq taken out. Iran backed down and is under sanctions, pretty good record considering the US has to deal with the scum of the Earth sometimes. Castro will die soon too. Venezuela for now has shut down their mouthpiece Chavez. Bolivia will back tracked, hmm, not bad at all.

There are still issues with Iran, but they are under wraps, as Iran has purchased and installed centrifuges and they have done this since 2003. So, even if they stopped designing nuclear weapons they have not stopped enriching uranium. Since they stopped making nuclear weapons, we should give thanks to Bush.

We need to keep it stopped, since we cannot trust Iran, we need to remove that problem still. Iran is supplying weapons to Iraq insurgents, infiltrating the new government, giving 100 million per year to Hezbollah, which is an international terrorist organization, started a war with Israel, hijacked a country and used human shields.

Anyone who chastises President Bush or calls him a liar is either ill-informed, has an axe to grind or has given their mind to the World Mass Media hysteria, and thus ought to be quiet and listen up. President Bush has done many great things indeed, many go unreported and that is a travesty and simply media bias – too bad really.

It is amazing how many great things this gentleman has done. The Democrats generally cannot get thru a lunch without saying something about how much they hate the guy. What a slap in the face to this great nation to have such negative and mean spirited comments coming from those who have surrendered their minds to their selective reading and media sound byte talking points.

Fascinating Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Every United States President

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