Practicing the Habit of Choosing Programs


Do you know anyone who does not own a Television? Or do you know anyone who does not watch TV at all? It is indeed appalling if the answer to any of those questions is a ‘Yes.’ Television has become a part of every house hold in today’s world. However, have you ever thought why Television has been always associated with discontent and depression?

But in reality, even though Television has brought about adequate amount of amusement and entertainment into our lives, it does have several side effects. It exposes us to hours of political half truths and consumerism indoctrination thus infusing fear and apprehension in us. It also can cause needless concern or panic among the masses through alerts of possible dangers like virus outbreak or natural disasters. Television can also make us feel incompetent and meaningless, too. It may happen after seeing attractive, slim or rich Television celebrities or the latest electronic devices or expensive diamond jewels that we can never afford to buy which appear in advertisements.

Watching Television is a passive activity which shrinks our brains to pulp. The more time you spend on watching your favorite programs and shows on TV, the lesser time we get to do other meaningful activities which may be something to boost our health and other happiness providing recreations. Television time can alter your sleep pattern which may directly affect you mentally as well as emotionally. Eating junk food and couch potato lifestyle can supplement to this adverse effect and can cause obesity.

Television being such an engrossing and a prolonged activity makes matters even worse. It’s not unusual if you hear of people hooked on to the TV set for 4 to 6 hours at a stretch. That is pretty scary indeed. And the substantial amounts of advertisements seen after, before or between each programs only adds to this problem.

Now it has become more and more obvious that excessive television time does spoil any person’s joyful and healthy routine. Either you can shove your TV set from your home or you can start choosing only those programs you really want to watch. Start acting now. Else, it is going to affect you mentally as well as physically.

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By: Francis David