Practical Article Marketing Tips – Attention Perfectionists – 4 Criteria For a Near-Perfect Article


My articles aren’t perfect, but they’re out there. They’re being picked up and they’re being turned into viral traffic machines and used all over the place. I don’t need them to be perfect. I need them to work for me and that’s what they’re doing.

The first criteria for a near-perfect article is the following:

1) Good enough to represent you well on the internet

Here’s what I don’t mean by that. I don’t mean crappy stuff or not good stuff where you just throw anything up there. No, I don’t mean that.

Just like any website, an article does not have to be perfect. I’d rather you get it going first and get it out there. Then we’ll tweak it.

Good enough to represent you well on the internet. It’s as simple as that.

2) You want to deliver at least one piece of usable information

This is what I call “one gold nugget” of information – that somebody can go and use.

That makes your article valuable and that makes people want to come back for more, which is what we all want, right? The second criteria is, “At least one gold nugget of information – usable and immediately actionable information.

3) It begins the ‘know, like, and trust’ process with your reader and prospect

I did a faculty call for Podcast Secrets with Paul Colligan this afternoon. We talked a lot about the ‘know, like, and trust’ factor and how that begins in your article. In three to five minutes, somebody gets to see how you approach problems and how you solve problems. That begins the ‘know, like, and trust’ factor.

When you do that right, by the time they get to the links to click on in your article resource box, they are raring to go. They can’t wait to do it. They want this information from you.

4) Leaves the reader and prospect wanting more and wanting more from you

You’ve given them a sample of really good food. You’ve given them a really good appetizer. Now you’re going to offer them more and they’re wanting more. You’ve built it up to where they want more.

Boom! In the resource box, you give them a way to get more. They’re happy and contented and clicking on your links.