PR and Advertising Jobs in Delhi


With the change in environment and the perspective with which people are taking their businesses, a lot more new areas are getting introduced and giving space to new job opportunities.

Candidates, after completing their degrees in professional courses, opt for corresponding careers and look for Jobs in respective fields. Every new field, which is getting introduced these days, demands the passion for creativity in its employees, so that it can develop ideas, which has the calibre to beat the competition. Branding and bringing the products and services of an organisation in font of its target audience is very important these days. In other words, it has become essential to get noticed in front of the people and showcase the deeds done, so as to gain fame among the target audience.

The two fields, which help in building the brand image of the company and develop a niche in the market, are PR and Advertising. These two fields have become the most popular job fields in India today. The number of PR and advertising agencies have also increased and thus employing higher number of workforce. Delhi being the most prominent city for all types of jobs, is opening its wings for more of marketing and advertising jobs. PR and Advertising is a field, which have separate agencies as well as they have in house departments, in the companies. Some agencies, specialises only in advertising field and some only in PR, while some have both the departments of PR and advertising. These independent agencies have helped the brands in building their images and reaching the audience at the right time with the right information.

One can find a large number of PR and advertising agencies in Delhi. Some are very small in size, but there are few agencies, which has branches all over the globe and are quite renowned in the PR industry. Delhi being the capital of the country has the largest number of PR and advertising agencies. All the companies are opting for advertising of their brands, thereby creating more Jobs in Delhi and even in the whole country. Following is the list of jobs; one can do, being a part of the advertising and PR office:

1.) Jobs as client executives.

Jobs for animation and graphic designer.

Copy writer.

Jobs as web designer.

Job as media relations executive.

Job as PR executive.

Job as Creative director.

Jobs as art director.

Jobs as a visualiser.

Job as Web designers.

Job as Brand managers.

Job as Content writers.

All these job positions have different hierarchies, which goes on rising with the increasing experience of the workers. With the lower positions getting empty and the businesses of the companies growing, job vacancies keep on growing and create opportunities for the younger talent to explore the industry and gain expertise in the field of its choice. The number of PR and advertising agencies is rising, but there are few, which has developed a niche for themselves in the industry and big brands prefer to hire them for their assignments. Following is a list of the top PR and advertising agencies in Delhi:

1.) Samwad Public Relations Pvt. Ltd

Ogilvy and Mather.

Team Orange Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Genesis PR.

Perfect relations.

Deesha PR.

Vaishnavi PR.

Text 100.


McCann-Erickson India Ltd:

All these companies provide stable career and satisfactory salary to its employees. The work environment of the companies in Delhi is also very friendly, so that the employees are able to give their best and perform with full conviction.