Power Tools Industry Developing Markets In Europe


Despite the financial crisis, the macro situation is still grim, but in the past year, the city’s up and down the difficulties, weight-bearing forge ahead in seeking development and breakthrough in the industrial economy has made gratifying achievements.

Zhejiang Sanding Tool Co., Ltd. plans a total investment of 100 million yuan of the electric tool accessories automated production line has now been accumulated invested 40 million yuan, the project is completed the company can add the 6 million sets of tools for production capacity. As the sanding Xu Xue-ming, general manager said: “A year not to do too much, ten years to do not be too few.” Launched power tool accessories automated production line, it was that listed companies will continue to vigorously explore Europe and the United States market, strategic move.

Investment, consumption, export of metaphor is to promote economic growth, “Troika”, while the new round of economic growth, the “cornerstone”, it is investment. This year, the central drive Shengzhou seize investment opportunities to expand domestic demand to determine the “three-year construction program,” issued supportive policies to strengthen the element of protection, strengthen supervision and evaluation, 173 sequential spread industrial investment projects for the whole to stabilize the economy provides an important support for recovery.

According to statistics, the first three quarters of the city’s investment growth to achieve across the board, “rosy”, in which industrial investment 4.363 billion yuan, an increase of 8.9%. Industrial investments in the “main force”, also began to transition from the tie garment industry for mechanical electrical and kitchen appliances industry.

Including sanding company’s production line, including 173 industrial investment projects, covering the three leading industries in Shengzhou. Data provided by relevant departments, to the November 13 date, 49 continued construction project plans a total investment of 5.054 billion yuan, 1.477 billion yuan investment in the year completed, actual completed an investment of 1.188 billion yuan this year to complete the annual plan of 80.4%; 72 only new projects with total planned investment 3.449 billion yuan, 1.292 billion yuan investment in the year completed, actual completed an investment of 1.018 billion yuan this year to complete the annual plan for 78.8%; 52 started the second half promised a total investment of 2.377 billion yuan project has been started construction of 28, this year actually completed an investment of 164 million.

Difficult for a full recovery in exports against the backdrop of many industrial enterprises in Shengzhou is moving from export-oriented, steering greater reliance on project investment and other “inner driven”, and thus promoting enterprise restructuring and upgrading. This year funds, labor, and other costs are low, more businesses invest in promoting the project has provided a rare opportunity. In the “three-year building program,” Under the guidance of entrepreneurs, investors confidence that a strong sense of investment to start from the “want me to vote” to “I want to vote.”

HUANG Ze-Town at the functional areas of the two-bird groups, the annual output of 23000 high-performance electric chain hoist and lift 7 million meters of high strength ring chain projects are under construction, 4 million square meters of factory building and ancillary facilities have been put into use , two 10 thousand square meters standard factory has also started.

Double Bird Group Chairman Zhang Wenzhong told the editors, lifting hoist, numerical control machine tools, marine anchor chain, pull the “double bird” to take off again, the “troika” has been in place, “through the further extension of industrial chain, towards the adoption of three years efforts, Double Bird Group will reach 5 billion in annual sales. “

It is from a high degree of awareness of investment in regional competitiveness significance in this round of industrial investment, the Government has played a key role in boosting. This year, Shengzhou introduced the implementation of the three major industrial transformation and upgrading programs to encourage enterprises to carry out scientific and technological innovation, develop new markets, bigger and stronger.

Solidly carry out “into the enterprise, Solve Problems” activity, the beginning of the full break from the 388 companies Mopai out of difficulties and problems. Of capital protection, Bank of interaction between government and enterprises to carry out efforts to increase financial support and, through positive efforts towards the new central government-related projects included in the investment plan.

It is foreseeable that in recent years, large-scale wave of industrial investment boom is not only a response to the financial crisis, the city joined hands in a powerful testimony will also for the future industrial pattern Shengzhou far-reaching impact.