Positive Power


The mind is your body’s most powerful tool. With your body you can make yourself feel better, but you can also make yourself feel worse. Your mind is so powerful, it has been medically proven that you can convince your own healthy body that you are sick. So sick in fact that you will begin to have physical symptoms that have no other reason for happening. Think about it, if you get really nervous when you speak in public and the butterflies start to rumble inside you. You may mentally make yourself so nervous that you actually vomit. This is simply an example of your mind sending signals to parts of your body and your body then having an adverse reaction such as vomiting.

Now that you know how powerful your mind can be, lets look at a way that we can harness and use this power to improve your life. One of the easiest and most powerful methods of using your mind for self improvement is Positive Thinking. We have all heard the statement, “The Power of Positive Thinking…” This is true, simply by having positive thoughts no matter what the situation is can have a powerful impact on not only your life, but of those around you.

With positive thinking, you begin to look at every situation you encounter differently. Instead of dwelling on the negative past things that occurred, you begin to look at the future to see what positive things are going to come out of this situation. With this type of outlook, people will be more willing to associate with you and will want to include you more in their jobs and activities and lives. With these new found connections and relationships, your new positive world will be opened up to more possibilities than before. People will start to view you differently and may even recommend your name when new opportunities arise or open up. This can lead to promotions at your current job or a job offer from a new employer that pays more with better benefits.

While monetary gains may happen when you start to implement positive thinking, you will also start to see your wants and needs realign. That new car you thought you had to have to be happy may not seem as important now as it did before. This is because your life will have become fuller with better more meaningful relationships, not wants for more fancy expensive physical things.

Start each day thinking about the positive things to come, and end each day reflecting on the positive things that happened or the positive things that will come out of whatever situation you encountered that day. Do this and you will see your life improve for the positive.