Porsche at the Movies


Porsche has been a coveted sports car since the company first started in 1931. The cars are known for their distinctive styling and high speeds. The sexy lines no doubt make this curvy little car a must-have for speed demons on the big screen.

“Cannonball Run” may have started the box-office love affair with Porsche as Burt Reynold’s character has 911’s in his garage, he crashes a brown 935 kit, and several scenes include 924’s and more 911’s. There are more beautiful Porsches in the sequel. Another race movie “Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo” introduces kids to racing and Porsches as Herbie races all kinds of exotic cars including a 911RS. Porsches can me seen in more recent adrenaline crazed race flicks like “Gone in 60 Seconds”, “Grand Theft Auto”, and “2 Fast 2 Furious”.

Some main characters in films like “Legally Blonde”,”48 Hours”, “Freedom”, “Scarface”, “Space Cowboys”, “Risky Business”, and “Kiss the Girls” all drive cool Porsches. It seems like Molly Ringwald may have had a thing for Porsches as they appear in her chick-flick dramas like “Sixteen Candles” and “Pretty in Pink”. In “Top Gun” and “The Waterboy” the girlfriends drive, or steal, Porsches.

In some movies, the Porsches are not treated with the tender kindness they deserve. In “When a Man Loves a Woman” the dysfunctional couple played by Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia pelt a Porsche with eggs when the alarm goes off. In “Skulls” a 996 gets its windows smashed, “Old School” sends a 911 off a bridge, and a 911 gets puked into in “Caddy Shack”.

The TV screen also has a love affair with the Porsche. “Friends” seems to like the 911 as Joey finds keys to one in an episode and in another Mr. Gellar ruins a bunch of Monica’s stuff by using her boxes to stop floodwater from ruining his car. In “LA Law” the character Annie Becker drives a white 911, so does Krusty the Clown in an episode of “The Simpsons”. “CHiPs” and “Miami Vice” feature Porsches in several episodes, and who could miss all of the Porsche posters in Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment. Jerry owns 3-dozen Porsches, and they can be spotted in several episodes.

Music videos also love the sexy machines, like Janet Jackson in “You Want This” and Huey Lewis and the News in “I want a New Drug”. DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince ask if your parents drive a Porsche like this in “Parents Just Don’t Understand”.