Popular Tourist Destinations in Bhopal


Bhopal is a city in India. It is also the 2nd largest city in the Madhya Pradesh district. It is also known as the City of Lakes. King Bhoj founded the city. He was an erstwhile Parmana ruler.

Bhopal earned a place for itself in the records of history in its many years of existence. It is best to bring a map when touring the city. A map is a proven good companion during road trips and other instances that involve driving or hiking. Bhopal maps also indicate some places of interest and popular tourist attractions. These would include hotels, banks, colleges as well as other landmarks of Bhopal.

The city is surrounded with numerous tourist destinations. It receives hundreds of vacationers or tourists every year. Some of the most visited sites by tourists range from historical artifacts to the most recent structures and various types of structures that can find a space in Bhopal. Some of the most popular tourist destinations are the Laxmi Naravan Temple, Taj-ul Masjid, Shaukat Mahal and the Moti Masjid.

The Laxmi Naravan Temple is a storage area of amazing sculptures. It is also a preservation temple, where in, every sculpture that was made during the past centuries was handled with care. This temple is more popularly known as the “Birla Mandir”. The temple is situated to the south of the lower lake. Aside from this, the temple is dedicated to their Lord Vishnu as well as his consort named Laxmi.

The Taj-ul Masjid is a mosque considered a must visit on every tourist’s itinerary. This mosque’s construction first started in the early 19th century and was completed during the 20th century. Tourists appreciate the magnificence and grandness of the structure and façade.

The other most popular tourist destination, the Shaukat Mahal, is an exact example of architecture derived from the Europeans. The place is popular among tourists and archeologists. The temple itself tells the fascinating history of the structure.

The last popular tourist destination in the region is the Moti Masjid. Like the Taj-ul Masjid, it is also a mosque. This particular mosque was built by Begum Sikander Jahan. This place is also believed to be built as a replica of the Jama Masjid which can be found in New Delhi.

The people of Bhopal certainly have an interesting and exquisite culture for they have a small shade of Islamic customs and traditions. Persons from all types of society live in Bhopal. The city is very famous worldwide for four things, namely; Zarda, Garda, Parda and Anamarda.

In English, the four popular things in Bhopal are the preparation of betel leaves, the veil, eunuchs and dust. Furthermore, one of the main cultural centers of the country is situated here in Bhopal. This is also considered as one of the cultural centers of India called “Bharat Bhavan.” This city greatly mesmerizes the tourists with its culture and charm. You will surely like to visit the place again.

A good factor when traveling or visiting another country is the vicinity of the hotel to the airport. Bhopal has many hotels near the airport area that ensures the tourists that they will not have to pay much for cabs and taxis. Some of the deluxe hotels within the airport area are Hotel Noor-us-Sabah and the Jehan Numa Palace Hotel.