Podcasting For Dummies with Chuck Tomasi 2017

Podcasting For Dummies with Chuck Tomasi 2017

Today we continue my video series of interviewing podcasters who have been in the space for quite some time. Today I with talk with Chuck Tomasi and he’s one of the grandfathers of podcasting–back when podcasting was starting to become a thing.

Not only is he a prolific podcaster, but Chuck is also the co-author of the new Podcasting for Dummies series and has plenty of updates in the book that you should probably check out.

Also, I talk with Chuck about the difficulties of refining your topic in podcasting. Refining your topics can build a close knit community and niche audience who relate to your topic.

We also talk about the struggles of starting your podcast and how you can become better as a podcaster over time. We even talk about how authors are using podcasting to tell their story and how it opens up opportunities for them.

I hope you enjoy today’s interview.

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