Placidway Expands Operations In South Korea

{flickr|100|campaign} PlacidWay is expanding its operations in South Korea. PlacidWay is partnering with top Korean medical tourism service provider MediTour Partners to offer choices for medical travelers from Russia, Asia, most specifically mainland China, Mongolia, Japan, as well as North America.

South Korea is emerging as a leader in medical technology and surgical procedures, offering highly qualified, trained and experienced care in all medical fields. The new partnership between PlacidWay, a US-based global leader in medical tourism industry, and MediTour Partners, a South Korea based medical tourism consultancy company, will jointly promote medical tourism services and related health and wellness access points in South Korea.

“We want to make medical travel to South Korea for medical care as easy as possible,” states Goel, CEO and founder of PlacidWay. “Opening pathways to increased numbers of medical service providers benefits everyone. With MediTour Partners, our goal is to provide education and medical tourism solutions that optimize business processes for South Korean providers. These services will align medical tourism infrastructures to further encourage and maintain trust, provide excellent access to medical care, and positive outcomes for patients.”

The partnership between PlacidWay and MediTour Partners is designed to give travelers more choices in medical care and provide streamlining of destination management services. The partnership enables both PlacidWay and MediTour Partners to select the best doctors, hospitals, transportation and accommodations for medical travelers, offering the latest technologies, treatments and procedures in medical tourism research and development.

Increased access to South Korean medical tourism industry is a positive outcome of the alliance. “We offer one of the best medical infrastructures in the region,” says Jimmy Koh, President and CEO of MediTour Partners. “The combined efforts of PlacidWay and MediTour Partners will offer a complete end-to-end solution in the medical tourism marketplace.

Growing Need for Medical Tourism Services
South Korea is a major player when it comes to medical services. With highly trained doctors, internationally acclaimed infrastructure, and affordable medical treatment, South Korea is emerging as a medical leader in the region. Whether it is integrated cancer therapy treatment, organ transplants, to plastic surgery, dental treatment or Korean traditional medicine, South Korea offers a vast option in health care.

“PlacidWay is extremely pleased to expand operations and facility opportunities for international travelers that offers modern, affordable and excellent health care and treatments to individuals coming from as far away as Russia and Mongolia,” says Goel. “Our partnership with South Korea’s MediTour Partners will help promote South Korea as a premier medical destination near shore and across the world. Everyone deserves the best in health care options and opportunities, and PlacidWay is doing our best to make sure that medical care is accessible to everyone.”

Goel travelled to South Korea from PlacidWay’s home base of Denver, Colorado to further develop their relationship with MediTour Partners, including strategies for a comprehensive program for medical providers to market their services in target destinations. Developing end-to-end solutions for medical providers in the region and supporting government initiatives to bring medical tourism to South Korea is a key goal of the alliance between PlacidWay and MediTour Partners.

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