Places Of Tourist Interest In Spain “?”wonderful Spain

.tags Being among the largest European countries, Spain is a major tourism hub because of its diverse cultural and geographical nature. Sun seekers are especially attracted to beach resorts of the Mediterranean on Costa Brava, Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca. Spain is believed to be an extraordinary region with so much to offer to tourists.

Besides the sandy beautiful beaches, it is rich in wonderful landscapes which include arid plains, rocky bays, and salt marshes deciduous as well as coniferous forests. You will also find rivers and valleys not forgetting peaks and mountain streams.

Adventures in Spain

There are very many pleasurable methods of enjoying your vacation or trip in Spain. The wonderful wildlife and natural beauty can be enjoyed by visiting National Reserves and Parks. There are also amazing hiking trails, walks, jeep and boat cruises to see nature at its best. It is all possible to explore wetlands, untouched mountains, coastal dunes and beaches that will for sure take your breath away.

Bird watchers can consider visiting this region as it has national parks hosting a variety of bird species because of the available water holes here. If lucky enough, they might catch a glimpse of migratory birds in the skies as they move to North Africa. This is a special occurrence that happens at specific times around the year. Spain also has a beautiful habitat for indigenous species of fauna as well as flora.


Madrid, which is the capital city of Spain, is definitely a place to visit. It has beautiful cultural sites from which you will learn a lot about the Spanish culture. It also has museums that have remarkable collections of art from European and Spanish masters of art including Picasso.

Museums here are various and each holds great value and dedication to certain type of art or art from a certain master. For nightlife lovers, the famous Puerto del Sol square at the heart of Madrid is the place to go. This city has more to offer than people know and besides amusement purposes, it also helps in learning purposes especially for those interested in the history of Spain.

There is a lot of fun in Spain suiting people from all walks of life. So, for those of you taking a well deserved vacation to Spain be sure to visit Madrid and all other wonderful cities to experience real Spaniard life and culture as well.