Places Of Tourist Interest In Spain “?”adventures In Spain

If you are a tourist targeting Spain as the destination, you are out for very many exciting things. There is a lot to do and very many places to visit. This makes Spain be the second best place to visit in the world giving the first place to France.

Enjoying life to the fullest is one of the best things you could give yourself in this short life. This is why it is important for people to explore the world by visiting as many countries as possible to enjoy and learn the diverse cultures and heritages they have to offer. Some of the best memories are made from these adventures and you will appreciate other countries more.

Spain is a major tourist destination in the world and has a variety of places to visit and adventures to take. You can only do so much when you are here that you wont notice the time pass by.


When you visit Spain, you can choose to do hiking in one of their most popular trails called Castell d’Alaro located in Mallorca. This hike will take you to the hilltop castle and chapel ruins that date back to the 15Th century. Here, you will have magnificent views of plains and sea that stretch to Palma. You wont have to worry about refreshments as you will find a bar and restaurant at the hills summit to treat your journey.


Golf lovers can enjoy their game on the golf courses of world class standards. They are found on Gran Canaria. The golf courses are El Cortijo located on the edge of Las Palmas, Real Club de Golf in Bandama which happens to be the oldest golf club in Spain. Others are Maspalomas club and Salobre which is located in Puerto Ricos east side.

Jeep Safaris

Jeep safaris are a favorite and will take you to untouched natural areas around Tejeda Mount. Visitors enjoy spectacular views of alpine forests, rocky peaks on this island. The scene is wonderful although the weather can change drastically during winter. It is normal to have snow in the mountains whereas the sun is cooking people in the beaches. The safaris are very affordable and enjoyable as well.

Camel Rides

Take an adventurous slow camel ride to explore the world around you. The rides normally take you around Maspalomas Dunes and take half an hour. Each camel carries two people at a time and goes in caravan around the island.