Places of interest in Spain-ZAMORA


Spain is a holiday destination preferred by lots of tourists. There are many paths that may be followed in  order to guarantee you a great holiday in any season of the year. There are so many famous places and towns that deserve to be seen by everyone. Whether you choose Spain’s beaches, its islands, the ski resorts, or one of the famous cities, such as Barcelona, Valencia, Zaragoza or its magnificent capital, Madrid, you will never regret your choice because there are a lot of interesting things that you will learn and see.

Zamora, romantic living museum of art

This city, Zamora, is a small town in the Castilla Province in Spain. Often considered to be a romantic living museum of art, Zamora precedes the Roman period. Its history goes back to the Celts and the Romans who were occupying this strategic hill dominating the Duero river. Throughout much of the year a charming atmosphere predominates in this small town, and during the Holy Week, in numerous processions, the unique collection of “pasos” (engraved objects that float) of Zamora appear.

Monuments to visit while in Zamora

The unusual chunky cathedral of Zamora, which dates back from the XIIth century, has a beautifully decorated dome, with tiles in a shell shape, a Roman bell and a southern portal. In the interior, admire the chorus pews and Jesus Christ’s statue that has a special anatomical perfection. The gallery from the XVIIth century leads you to the museum where you can find silver objects and perfect Flemish tapestries from the XVth century: four of them represent the Trojan War. Behind the cathedral the wonderful gardens of the former castle offer you a magnificent panorama. You can rest here for a moment, drink some juice and forget all about your daily problems.

Lots of churches await your visit

In Zamora, there are about sixteen Roman churches, very different one from another, each with at least one special feature. The most important fact is that many of them are still in working order. Placed in the old town, there are important attractions for tourists who enjoy visiting these churches, and especially taking photos of them.

The old town and its impressive architecture

In the beautifully proportioned Santa Maria Magdalena Church, you can admire the engraved grave of an unknown lady. The oldest church in Zamora, Santa Maria la Nueva, rebuilt in 1158, was an important refuge for the nobles. Palacio de Los Momos, Palacio Del Cordon or Museo de Zamora are also nice places that will fill your time with special moments.