Places of interest in Spain-GOING TO ARLANZA


The valley of the towers

The Arlanza River is winding through an abrupt valley, situated in the west of Lerma. The journey will take you into one of the most beautiful rural areas in Spain, savage here and there, an excellent territory for the hiking lovers, which has been recently declared a protected area. On your way, take your time to visit the churches and the monasteries, each of them built in a different architectural style. Start your journey in the city of Lerma, in which you enter by passing under a stone arcade, Arco Del Carcel. This is what is left from the medieval walls of the town. Go to the top of the reddish hill, where you will find the Plaza Mayor. Right in front of it, stands the Palacio Ducal, symbol of the political power of Francisco Gomez, duke of Lerma. The city of Lerma is special for being the best example of planned city in the 17th century in Spain. The Old Quarters will impress you with its buildings; many of these buildings are former residencies of noblemen. After you’ve seen all these, go to Plaza de

Santa Clara; on one side of the square lies the La Ascension Monastery, while on the other side you can climb into the balcony that has breathtaking views over the entire city. The last place you have to visit in Lerma is the San Pedro Church; this is the most important ecclesiastical monument in the region.

Outstanding places

Leave Lerma for Santa Cecilia de Barriosuso. This is a small, but lovely monastery which dates back from the 10th century; under it there is a Roman bridge and the source of several small rivers. Go to Santo Domingo de Silos, a medieval, idyllic village famous for its gallery of houses, where monks live. It is one of the most beautiful galleries of houses, hosting monks in the world. Here, you will be charmed by the Gregorian songs, sang by the monks during their meals; it is a unique experience, don’t miss it. The Santo Domingo Monastery, the San Pedro de Arlanza Monastery and the Ermita Visigotica are all impressive and worth visiting. End your journey with a visit to the San Clemente cave.


Arlanza is a special place that needs a special treatment from you. If you want to feel it rushing through your veins, choose a villa for accommodation. They are very welcoming, relaxing and beautiful places to spend your nights and mornings.