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Pizza is such a versatile food and for pizza lovers this is an absolute truth. There are many varieties that one can create. These are available at pizza hut Martinsburg WV. Certain people specialize in making pizzas and other specialize in eating them. Either way these people are extremely passionate about this Italian food.

People love to discuss different crusts, toppings, cheeses and sauces that can be put on the pizza. Some like to eat it piping hot or cold for breakfast. Apparently this food was not originated in Italy by the Italians. It actually hails from Greece. The Greeks would make large flat bread and top them with dates, spices, herbs and oils.

At that time there was apparently no tomatoes. If they were around they would more than like have been used in the same way as they are used today. In about the eighteenth century the concept of flat bread made its way to Italy. This is where the name Pizza originated.

In Italy pizzas were sold in the markets and on the streets. Initially they had no toppings and were enjoyed as plain bread. Many poor people would buy them, as they were both cheap and filling.

In eighteen eighty-nine Queen Margherita visited Italy. She saw the people eating the bread and this caused her to become curious. She started eating the food and this caused much concern in the courts as royalty was not supposed to eat the food of peasants.

The queen then ordered the royal chef to make this for her. To honor her, the chef made a special pizza with mozzarella cheese, basil and tomatoes. This was to represent the colors of the Italian flag. The queen loved this food so much. When the locals heard about this she become even more popular with the people. Today the base pizza is known as the Margherita and it is surely available at pizza hut Martinsburg WV.