Pink Sports Bras are Healthy

{flickr|100|campaign} How in the world can a pink sports bra be a healthy choice? This is the question that may be ringing in your ears. I know I thought the same thing. However, when I read about why a sports bra was recommended and the effect of the color pink, I quickly realized that the pink sports bra is, indeed a healthy choice. First, let’s examne why it is necessary to wear a sports bra. Contrary to some of the more fashionable push up bras and lacy lingerie, the sports bra is worn for the exclusive purpose of reducing the bounciness of breasts and it is designed to hold them in place. This important job helps the ligaments in the breasts stay in place, thereby reducing the streching of those ligaments. This leads to premature sagging and may result in high levels of discomfort. As gravity is a natural force pulling on the breasts, it becomes increasingly apparent that any mechanism designed to slow this process is helpful. The main idea here is definitely prevention of sagging breasts, an inevitable consequence as women age.

Secondly, most women realize that pink makes a statement aside from being fashionable. The color pink sends a social statement that many recognize as being supportive of breast cancer awareness and research. The pink ribbon worn by millions of women indicates their support of the breast cancer research campaign. The annual walk held in hundreds of cities across the country includes thousands of women donned in the “pretty in pink” athletic wear as they participate in the marathon. Well, what better way to show your support than wearing a pink sports bra. Additionally, when it comes to the pink sports bras, there are quite a few that are all-inclusive and cam be worn withouth another bra underneath. That’s right, the pink sports bra. One can be seen at and the more traditional sports bra is also available for those who don’t feel secure with one garment. I, for one, could not conceive of a bra that would be an outer garment unless it looked like some bikini. As you will see, the tonic fan is one bra that completes the job with one piece of clothing. All this leads to the for gone conclusion that the pink sports bra will help to keep women young-looking, athletic, stylish, en vogue, and contemporary. Once again, our society promotes keeping you looking as young as possible. These facts lead to the support for the reasoning why the pink sports bra is considered a healthy choice. It is wise and advisable to wear a sports bra wihile exercising, and it is socially conscious to align with the color which promotes research in one of the more widely known diseases of this centur, breast cancer. As we learn more about the causes of certain illnesses, we can adjust our behavior to be more consistent with healthy choices. Knowledge is power. Go ahead and get your pink sports bra today. Make a statement about your healthy and your support of “The Cure.”