Pigeon Forge’s Attractions


Fast-paced and exciting life in Pigeon Forge make young and young-at-heart people want to come here. Because it offers great opportunities for entertainment, shopping, theme parks, arts, crafts and thrill of adventure sports. It is known as a mountain resort city offering great natural and exotic views of majestic Smoky Mountain with its location is right amidst the Great Smoky Mountains and just seven miles away from it.


This marvelous town is entertaining the tourists from all over the world since decades. The numerous mind boggling attractions of the city make it one of the top tourist destinations of Eastern US. The city also exhibits a range of theaters that feature complete family entertainment, excitement and fun. The Pigeon Forge exhibits a great history of tradition and custom of mountain spirits. The land that is now known as the Pigeon Forge was the hunting area for the Cherokee and several other American Indian tribes. The land was made available for settlement after a treaty was signed in 1700.


The huge flocks of pigeons used to stop for Beechnuts, as they were available in a large quantity around the river and hence the river was named as Pigeon River. The initial business of the town was furnace and iron forging. The name of the area is the combination of the business of the area and the Pigeon River that flows through the town.


There are several major attractions such as Sevierville, Black Bear Jamboree, Comedy Barn Theater, Country Tonite Theatre along with some excellent wholesome fun packed performances at Memories Theatre and Smoky Mountain Jubilee.


Dinosaur Walk Museum is one of the world most unique and outstanding museum. It is home to the largest collection of more than fifty life size dinosaur sculptures along with some excellent artifacts. This museum could probably be one of the world’s best and the mega collections of these prehistoric animals. It exhibits sculptures of dinosaur whose height is more than a two story building to a Microraptor having a height of about twelve inch.


It also exhibits a movie theater known for showing high definition educational films.


Veterans Memorial Museum is another must visit attraction of the town. This must visit attraction is home to relics that used during Indian wars, The American Revolutionary war, The Gulf War, The Civil War and World War I and II. This museum is a great place to watch Harley-Davidson motorcycle that was used in World War I along with P-51 Mustang used during World War II. This museum pays honor to the veterans who fought to protect the freedom and dignity of the nation.


The town offers a great range of lodging options that includes rustic excellent and secluded Pigeon Forge cabins along with several luxury cottages. It also exhibits a range of ideally situated hotels and motels.


If you are looking for some exciting local and international food, you don’t need to wander for that as there is an abundance of independently owned and franchisee type restaurants here in the city. The downtown area of the city is a great and a wonderful place to visit as one can find several unique boutique galleries and specialty shops.