Phillip Island Attractions


If you take a drive from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, for a little
less than 150km, you will come to the small town of San Remo.
From there, there is a road and bridge across the water to another
little town called Newhaven. Now you are on Phillip Island. It is
a small destination, only about 10,000 hectares, but packed with
exciting things to do. So popular is it that at least one and a half
million visitors go there annually.
Phillip Island is the chosen destination for nature lovers, caring
eco interest groups and anyone who loves to see the sea and land
creatures in their natural states in perfect protected harmony
and balance with the tourists. Among these protected creatures
are colonies of fur seals, which is the largest in the Southern
Hemisphere. To see them even better, you can take a ‘Wildlife
Coast Cruise’ around the coast and out to a jutting rocky outcrop
called ‘Seal Rocks’, and watch them frolicking in the waves around
your boat. The famous ‘Fairy Penguins’ have a safe home there
too, and one of the great sights is to watch the daily ‘Penguin
Parade’. Just after sunset each day, the little creatures begin their
march up out of the sea and up the beach to their burrows.
Kangaroos, wallabies and possums are still found wild and free
on the island whereas Koalas are safely protected in the Koala
Conservation Centre. This was established in 1991 and is dedicated
to the research into the Koalas and preservation of the species.
Tickets are available for visitors to walk along boardwalks that
are elevated to allow you the best views of one of Australia’s best
loved little animals as they browse in the trees for food. To enrich
the experience even more, an interactive visitors’ centre will be
able to tell you all about them and the research being done. The
many walks and paths for hikers, cyclists and horse riders will
bring you into intimate contact with the beauties of the coastline
and especially the wonderful bird life. You may be able to see the
feeding of the pelicans. Ranger walks are also available for those
of you who are hungry to learn more about the ecology and wildlife
of the island.
You would, however, be mistaken in thinking that animals and
wildlife, as lovely as they are, are all that Phillip Island has to offer.
No, it is a delightful holiday destination for those who love the
beach and the nightlife that is on offer. Many coves and sandy
beaches will give you all the safe swimming and aquatic sports that
you crave for. If you want activities on dry land, you can have a
round of golf, play tennis, ten pin bowling, or lose yourself in the
maze, which is part of a great fun and educational centre, with all
sorts of other activities as well. You may like to drop in and see
what is on display in one of the art galleries; and for music lovers,

there are two famous festivals to attend: Pyramid Rock festival, and
the The Coast Arts and Music Festival, if you choose your visit at the
right time. Also plan your holiday to coincide with the world famous
‘Motorcycle Grand Prix and World Superbike Round’, if you are an